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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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deadphotos community was returned to me via lj abuse
iconz by rouk
getting everything back the way it was.
and also made the community unmoderated so there will be no more issue of people's photos not making it through asap.
i unbanned everyone, too. and unscreened all the comments that were not deleted.
but will restore the comments just so people can understand what went down.
i saved the page before the comments were deleted so i have them all.
thank you everyone for your support!
it is not moderated to join or post there now.


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creative minds need to know in our hearts where our seed is being spent

what is happening with livejournal for you and your creative community? it is difficult enough to find other creatives whom we can relate to, but to simply have them disappear off the face of the screen is hark, like a dove unto an era...

any idea of where to get some creativity going on this antiquated piece of medieval machinery?

the controllers simply erase everything that stands in the way of beauty and sensibility for the madness of profit from the money gods they have created and worship. i agree;

"i know my purpose on earth now, revealed to me at 44. i am here to let you know that religion + pornography have worked hand in hand, like good cop/bad cop, to keep humans ignorant of their greatest power for transformation, that of the orgasm when combined with love. through movement and sound and by merging with one another with love and deep respect, the keys to everything will be revealed and healed." - ana voog

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