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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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deadphotos community was returned to me via lj abuse
iconz by rouk
getting everything back the way it was.
and also made the community unmoderated so there will be no more issue of people's photos not making it through asap.
i unbanned everyone, too. and unscreened all the comments that were not deleted.
but will restore the comments just so people can understand what went down.
i saved the page before the comments were deleted so i have them all.
thank you everyone for your support!
it is not moderated to join or post there now.


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I have been reading your Journal and following you for years. I know it is just the internet and people staring into computer screen (i am not in dead photo) but from what I saw that person was SO CRUEL to you and I can't believe the comments she made towards you esp. about losing your child. I wish you the best and only good energy to come your way. I'm send ing you some right now.


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