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thank you everyone for your support, re: deadphotos

you have given me the strength to contact lj abuse and, hopefully, get it back. i love that community. i have started a lot of communities (photocontest , for one), but i gave them over to other people. deadphotos (and crochetcrochet are the only ones i've kept. and my email is is anyone ever has any problems with those communities. i am HERE. and passionate about my communities. thank you again. {{{xox}}}

p.s. yes i am the oryx and crake girl

edit: THANK YOU everyone for your support. i cannot tell you what it means to me. it restores my faith in this planet. thank you there is still justice and diginity and kindness and caring in this world.
as bjork said (greatly condensed) "all is full of love. maybe not from these sources you have poured yours"
and so, from sf_drama...all is full of love.
a source i had not expected support, but there you were for me.
imagine if we did this every day for each how the world would be.

never be silent.
stand up to bullying whereever and whenever you see it.
it DOES make a difference. really.
we need you to speak out and not be silent anymore.
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