ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

ana2 starting to come back to life

the bigcam/cam1 is back on in ana2 periodically. i found a simple webcam software called camupload that works with the webcam imbedded in my netbook. my netbook is the only computer i have right now, so if you need your username and password again, i'm sorry i cannot retreive it for you as all ana2 password info was on my main computer that broke and i have no idea when i will haver the $ to buy a new computer and also macromedia dreamweaver so i can redesign the site. anacam will not be updating with the new image and also the cam1thumb by the "today" section is not working. this webcam software only ftps to one url, not multiple urls and it doesn't send a thumbnail. but the bigcam works and if you click on that you will get the remote cam, which also still works. i'll leave updates and reports "under the bed" because i cannot ftp anything to the today page or make new anagrams on this netbook right now. the cam refreshes every 1 minute when on.

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    I’m just seeing if this thing still works.

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