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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk
for those of you who followed my cam and got to know my dog pooka, i just wanted to let you know that a few minutes ago , he died a peaceful death. he was 13 years old.
the fluff monster poofin hoover is an angel now.

i'm just sitting here in shock and feeling shaky.

elaine just told me. she has been his caretaker for the past 2 years.
he died in her arms.

i loved that little guy. what a tender heart.
a gentle being of light.

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I am SO sorry to hear the news. We lost our little ball of joy last year and we know the pain well. We just now decided to put up our favorite picture and frame it. I wish you and your family love and light.

i'm so sorry you lost your little guy :(
at least he went peacefully and with someone who loved him.

i am so sorry for your loss

So sorry to hear this ... Pooka was part of all of our "digital family" back in the day.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

Aw - So sorry to hear about POOKA and yopur loss.......but just think of all the wonderful memories shared over the years.....again sorry

I am soooo sorry. I had to put my favorite kitty to sleep. He was only 7, but had a heart condition. It was the worst thing I ever had to do. They are your bestest buds.

Sorry for your loss dove. You and P kept me alive some nights. Hold tight to the memories.

being a lover of dogs and animals in general, and having lost my own dog, nico, who was with me since he was born until his death a year ago, i can say that i know what you feel, and yeah, probably they're chasing some toy somewhere

i'm sorry to hear that, ana. peace.

This is most likely a very strange reply to an inapropriate post. This morning a song came into my head. I have spent the entire night crying... even in my sleep. The reason why is not important. But the song I sung in my head was Introducing Sorrow.... I first heard your song in 1993... I know that this must seem rather odd.

In 1993 I was blessed with having Karla as my choir director. She was like a mother to me in so many ways. We listened to many different kinds of music together. She told me about you and the bad you two used to play in together. She gave me a tape... she said you recorded it in your house... told me about how you made some of the sounds on the tracks. It was life changing for me. I was 13 years old. I still sing these songs and even have a blue stuffed rabbit named Sorrow. I wore out my tape years ago and have always wanted to have another copy.

When Spoon Fork Dish came out I waited at the record store to buy it and saved my lunch money so I could have a copy. To this day I still play it.

Finding Sorrow this morning took my breath away. Thank you.

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