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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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LAST TIME EVER to gain entrance to ana2!
iconz by rouk
i am going to shut down the business aspect of anacam.
so if you want into ana2 this will be the LAST TIME you will be able
to gain entrance to it!

sign up now at:
for a one time only LIFETIME membership to ana2.

(when you sign up for ana2 it will say that it is month by month..but
ignore that. it is not the case. you will be only charged one time and
then never again)

in a few weeks, you will NEVER be able to get into ana2 ever again.
whoever gets in now gets in and then that is IT.
the doors will be shut.

so sign up now for ana2 (you will never be charged again)
or forever be on the outside.

i may even shut down the public aspect of the cam and just have the
cam inside ana2.

i'm going smaller and simpler and moving to the country :)

in other news, we put in an offer on a house...and now i am just in
the nail biting waiting phase to see if they accepted the offer!
wish me luck!


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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
one payment of $15. that's it.
never pay again

Although I'm sure Ana wouldn't object to intermittent windfalls. :)

Ah! I've been wanting to join anacam for years now...hmm. When are you shutting down new subscriptions?

Edited at 2009-07-24 01:08 am (UTC)

How long will this offer be in effect?

Does this count we who are already members? Do I need to do anything?

you don't need to do anything :)

My friend went and tried to purchase a membership for me a couple weeks ago, I know you're busy with two beebees and moving and everything I just want to know if the payment went through alright.

Thank you!

this is not the place to contact me about this stuff.
email me at anavoog@gmail.com
i need to know who you are.
your name, what username you chose when you subbed
the email you subbed under.
i need to know all of these things to be able to look you up.
and doing it in the comments section of my journal doesn't work well for me. please email me.

I mailed a money order and the printed membership form from your website but the envelope came back stamped " Box Closed No Forwarding Order". Did your P.O. box number change from 76152 or is there some other address where I can mail this back to you?

Re: Your Post Office Box

i have to take that off my site.
i have no p.o. box nor anywhere you can send that.
sorry for the hassle :/

Re: Your Post Office Box

Please look for an email from iammidnightman@gmail.com

Re: Your Post Office Box

Ana, did you get my email? It occurred to me that your filters may have trashed it since I sent it within an hour or so after replying to this on Tuesday morning - probably before you had a chance to read that it was coming. Please let me know if you'd like me to resend the email.

(((((((you will have a Beautiful LIfe :)))))))
i am sad i will miss you ..you never intended to but you have been a great teacher...and as you wander out to the country i have moved to the city and started a cam...24/7...wierd huh? i am good at it and have been thoroughly enjoying myself.....and i am also buying a house...in the city ...lol

Mrs....i wish you the best and i wish your Mr and your children the best too....i will probably never look at my lillies i have growig...or my dandelions my son loves so much...and nnot at some point send a prayer for you all..

i have an apple tree and a pear tree and a cherry tree and flowers and vines that bloom around the edges

Here's to the Dreams we never dreamt comeing true

and for the last time
!Peace to YOU and YOURS :)))))))))))

i am at http://xoxojamesanddebbie3.ww.com

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