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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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dreaming on stage
iconz by rouk

a book about me and my art that my friend, j.d. casten, put together!
go look!

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oh man i have been wanting to see a nice coffee-table type book published about you forever!

A blast from the past, ha

I just had to say that book is neat =)
All those years its like vindication, not that you needed or wanted it, and more people can be exposed to new ideas this way.
When I came online to livejournal 2000, you were one of the first people that fascinated me and I have to tell you this before I bid adieu... before I came I was science I didn't think I had any art. This plant was fed nothing and actually it spent most of its time in survival mode...art was fancy, dreams...and where I was from there was no room for such nonsense, I guess most people atrophy in survival mode :(... oh but I do, quite a lot of art, creativity...and it wants out...and you really opened my mind to that I must
Don't know if you have had time to read about this but I thought of you recently because I was directed to the Indigo/Crystal/Star children theory and god it just about all made so much sense, and I still don't know if I believe in it all at the same time but I am Indigo, actually I believe I am an Indigo/Crystal cusp...
They give you characteristics and one was -large, penetrating, deep, old soul eyes and my mind went to you for some reason, and it was weird it wasn't like you are usually there but I thought: "she has the brown to my blues--" "oh she is definitely an Indigo...you are the warrior Indigo complete, yes..."
Is Lili your Crystal? :)
I also have to say I have been touched watching you get the courage through the pregnancy(I had/have a lot of fears but conflicts as well so...)then the joy, full acceptance, and discovery---more art, life imitating art, it was again insightful, fascinating, and well, all those things..., and watching Lili again thank you for that special window seat into your world again...
No more need for the old empire(fare thee well to the empire)...
--Dawn of the age of the innocent ones
--move to the rhythm of the moon and tide
--dance in a circle around a central fire
--giggle and the flames grow higher
--dance and laugh and love and learn. Grow higher.
--The Indigo children come
--When the indigo children come.~~from Puscifer's Indigo Child

I love it. I just bought it! Yeay.

I've missed you and M. and L. Haven't been by, haven't logged in much, too bogged down by grief. So much to do. My Mother's entire house to disassemble all by myself in order to raise the money to pay the Fucking government their 45% estate taxes so they can make more machines to kill people. So sad. My childhood home. My Mom and my Dad. Just so sad. But I know it's all a lesson and a process and time heals and we all have to go through this, doesn't stop me from missing my Mom who often drove me Fucking insane, but who I was closer to than anyone on earth. I so wish I had a Lili right now.

Love you honey.


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