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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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lili is happy :)
iconz by rouk

from lilizuzu

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Awwww...she is gorgeous and she is so smart!! So young and already almost able to say I love you!! You can totally hear her say it and see her think about how to do it. Thanks for sharing this video. It totally made my day.


I just melted. My face hurts from smiling. :) She is adorable, and imitating you so well, and smiling so big when she hears herself getting the sounds right!! When she said "ooooh" with her little mouth pursed, AAAAAH, so cute!!!!! :)

Thanks for sharing and taking me back to when my boys were this tiny, and the world was so new to them. :) She is precious and beautiful.

What a beautiful girl :D Sounds like she's going to be a great conversationalist!

she's totally saying 'I love you' back!


what an incredibly expressive baby!!! and she looks SMART! She is goign to be talking in no time!!!

Oh, she is so trying to get out a "hello" back! What an adorable little one. I want to snuggle her.

she's totally trying to say it! what a beautiful little faerie! =]

thanks for sharing these images of lili :) adorable!

She certainly has a lot to say! Very cute :)

Fox is riveted! "Baby again, mama!" Darcy just showed him the video about four times in a row.

She is absolutely beautiful Ana :)

Woah she really is trying to say "i love you". she is one amazing buh.

ahh, just watched the video. Cute! does sound like she is trying to mimic you.
I was watching it just now with my husband sleeping and Oliver is asleep and my husband heard it and woke up thinking the baby was awake.

She is wonderful, Ana. Congratulations! (If belated... sorry about that.)

Hello beauty.

she's gorgeous.
sorry, i hope you don't mind me commenting - i'm a member of *special parent*. (my little boy has T21 too.)
the things in your journal and on deviant are all so dreamy.
i <3 you.

hope the babe's doing well x

Too much cuteness!!!!!!

I'm dying here. My cuteness quota of the day has been maxed out and I have to go to work now to teach cute children. This was way cuter than anything I could witness today.

She's precious! You are such a good mother. This is the result of a close, hands-on parent-daughter relationship (both you and M). All of you are very lucky to have each other.

She's brilliant.

great video ana. lili is musical it seems able to say i love you already! amazing...thanks for sharing this beauty

I think Lili loves her Mama, too.

Thank you for sharing this- that is so beautiful! She has such an expressive face and her grin just melts me.

Hey, just wanted to let you know it looks like your latest post in breastfeeding has locked comments, because I can't comment on it.

Ribbons are here:

There are no rules. It's just a fun thing to do to reward yourself. If you feel you deserve the reward, give it to yourself! :-)

ah thanks for letting me know!
i'll go fix the comments thing

Woot, look what I got, thanks so much for this. I took so much crap for this from my Mother and other people that it's nice to know that I can officially reward myself for this, yeay.

I ran across your post in the special needs parenting forum. I just wanted to say hello abd I agree with your post. I just took my 2 yr old out of PT and speech, he's doin fine! Nice to meet you and beautiful daughter

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the sweetest most beautiful wonderfullest happiest darlingest thing I've seen in so long. I was thinking about you, missing you, and realizing how long it'd been since I checked in. I've been so busy with taking care of my Mom and her cancer, plus the usual, Beau and all of the animals, Scott, and my own health issues, that I just haven't been able to update or sign on, but my friend's husband is in a very challenging phase of his kidney cancer, on morphine and everything else and she's so depressed so I just had to come by and check her journal and then even though it is sooooooooooooooo late and I'm so tired I'm leaning over like a sinking ship I had to come see how you and Lili are doing, and oh wow, just wow. I heard her say, "I love you," back to you so many times. This is just the most happy, heartfelt, uplifting video, thank you infinity honey.

I've been loving my ability to make my love happy with my body and my love too, and my son, well, you know how much I adore him. He just passed his driver's test, he was so happy, and then today he came in my room and played another song he just wrote and I wrote lyrics to it for him that he liked and I thought about how lucky I am. It's all about life and family.

I love you,

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