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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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(no subject)
iconz by rouk
i am stupidly in love with "the buh" :)
her sweet smells, her little soft parts, her funny sounds.
everything she does completely fascinates me and i watch her constantly with amazement.
it is weird to think that i could never go back to the way things were before..even theoretically if i could go back to a time she did not exist, i could not handle life without her now that i know she is possible.
my life would not be as full without her. the smell and sound and feel of her are permanently part of me now. part of my soul, this earth, my experience, this life.
i could never go back to how things were.
my life will never be the same.
my entire being will never be the same.
i have taken the step through through the portal, the looking glass.
i am on the other side now and there is nowhere else i'd like to be.
i knew i would love her more than anything, but to be here really experiencing this love now is intoxicating. i am the mama cat. the ana mothership has finally arrived.


ooo, m and i came up with cool new life plans tonight :)
i hope we can make it work!
if we can, our lives and of course then anacam and ana2 will go in a new exciting direction :)
it involves traveling around the country in a van with a mobilecam. (girlreinvented i need to get your knowledge on this!)
the traveling voog family!
ooo i want it to work so much!
new things! new things to take photos of! new adventures!
(and maybe making a buh #2 :)

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Of course! Best thing to do would be to check out the high speed data coverage (commonly called 3G) of cell carriers (HSDPA for AT&T/T-Mobile, EVDO for Verizon/Sprint) across the US and find an unlimited data plan that suits your needs. We've had better coverage with AT&T than Sprint, but ymmv. You'll want something intended for a laptop cell card, not just a phone. Then you can either hook that directly up to a laptop (or even desktop with an adapter), or buy/make a cellular -> wifi router. They're not that common yet and a bit expensive to buy, but you can hack one together with hardware if you can spend some time on it.

So then you'd basically just have a standard wireless internet connection you could hook anything up to. The low power/stable way would be to get a wired or wireless network camera and just run that, so you wouldn't have to have a PC on all the time (I'm thinking your cam runs now off of a USB webcam?).

Anyway, feel free to email/IM me if you want any more info than that! http://www.stephthegeek.com/contact

i have always used camcorders for my main cam.
i hardly ever use webcams but i would probably use a webcam on the road just for convenience.

i will look up all these things you say!

when i had my mobilecam before i can't remeber what the connection i used was called..it was somethnig that police radios use or something odd like that...a very slow connection less than 14.4!
but it was unlimited use and really stable.

of course, now, things are better! but also new so i don't knwo where to look but i am glad you know!

i am sure i will have oodles more questions :)

thank you!

np :)

You'll probably look at spending $400-1000 in up front hardware (depending on what you have and what route you want to take), and about $50/mo for the data connection.

And yeah, again I'd recommend a network camera so it is self-contained and low power consumption.

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