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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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lili zuzu fidgets
iconz by rouk


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ohmygosh! this is so cute!

i love it!

the song is freaking perfect!

what a little adorable!

The music goes so perfectly with that. Looks like she's groovin' to it.


she's such a little dancer! that light in her eyes is really something. she's in there!

That was the most entertaining video I've seen in YEARS. THank you, Ms lili zuzu!

this posted strangely on my livejournal fl, and when i clicked play, it played this video of scott bateman's! his entry was about 15 down the page, but that video was the next one posted in my flist. what a weird mixup! i couldn't figure out why you'd titled the entry about lili!

this was so fun to watch!!! impeccable choreography ;) she will enjoy this when she gets older.

koo koo ka choo!
great video of a beautiful baby.

So cute I just fell off my chair :)

she is so pretty and so freaking adorable!!

Wow what a beautifullwhacky video!! I wonder how you did that? (The changing filters, I mean). Lilli is getting so big and she is just adorable in that dress. She will crack up when she sees this someday. What a wonderfull gift for her!

lovely little alert person!

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