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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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(no subject)
iconz by rouk

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eeeeee! tooo cute! I'm glad I logged on to LJ :)

(I just had my baby last week and am still pretty much in bed)

She is getting cuter and cuter every picture I see!

I like the mohawk look.
I myself had one til I was 2.

This makes me laugh! She looks like a kitty holding up its paws. :D

She's grown a mile! Tweeks on the cheeks. I love her and you so very, very much.

got a little mohawk going on there!

She's so cute, I just want to kiss her! I love those wrinkles on her forehead :D

hahahaha! Such a fabulous expression.. I love it.... that's SO cute...haha

Oh my gosh!
Truly adorable, she really does look like a wee sprite!

Hi Lili!! You are so very cute! I love your hair!!

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