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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk
tomorrow we are going up to my dad's because on sunday he is going to baptize her (he is a lutheran minister in case anyone did not know)
he is really excited to be able to do this :)

i have much to say but i am so so sooo tired.
i will take pix of the baptism, of course, and put some up here after i get back :)

we bought an obscenely butt ugly graco baby swing today that plays nasty classical midi music and has "nature sounds" and vibrates and swings.
it is soooooo UGLY but we were desperate!
"The Buh" loves it so far and we hope it will calm her when she is in her spaz mode.

right now she is sitting in it like a little buddha having a dream.

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I think that's really wonderful that your dad will be baptizing your daughter, that makes it all the more special. My boyfriend and I still debate on what to do as far as baptism goes, should and when we have a baby. I think it's nice you have that option.
As far as the swing....whatever does the trick, right? Have a great weekend.

Whoa, I remember R's baby swing - it was a real life saver!

wow....my grandpa...uncle...great uncles and great grandfathers were all Lutheran ministers in the Missouri Synod. My grandpa baptized my son...god rest his soul. I am happy that your dad will be able to perform this ceremony for you and Lili...I bet your dad feels very honored.

ps...i always thought the sleep deprivation was absolutely the worst part of being a new parent. i just can't function properly without sleep.

I think we have the same swing - it can buy me time for a shower every now and then!

I'm glad you got a swing...it's the only thing that got me through teething.

It really is a life saver, and babies seem to enjoy it so you don't even feel badly about using it to get some things done for yourself from time to time.

you could knit/crochet a little cozy for the crazy swing.

and maybe some geek person can hack the midi chip to play some other musics.


Everyone told us we HAD to have a Graco "Travel System." It is huge and fucking ugly and all I can say is it had better be as wonderful as all the moms I know say it is, because it truly IS obscene--like a baby SUV. We will see...so much baby shit really is grotesque! I hope your troll buh loves her swing in spite of everything :)

welcome to the slow descent into the realm of crazy ugly kid crap all over the place. bwa ha ha ha.

it helps me to keep in mind that is is all temporary. they grow so fast. and with my sleep deprivation i had i have ended up forgetting most of that anyways :) it's all about her little buushmuush face of sweet love.

ahaha. sooo true. when graham was an infant, I swear he HATED all the cool gizmos and whatsits with a screaming passion. But he LOVED the hideous stuff I swore I'm never allow into my house.

but yeah - it's all very temporary and sanity is more valuable than aesthetics.

but the thing is, aesthetics that make my skin crawl drive me a very special bat shit insane.
so it's really WHICH kind of insane do i prefer?

i will make that swing look cool some how.
i will cover it in tinfoil or something.

I totally understand. I'm the same way about my surroundings. But this phase of ugly really is very short-lived. it's just a few months - a couple of pixels in the big picture. Just keep telling yourself it will be over soon. It's hard to believe, but you'll have sweet memories of buddah-buh dreaming in the hideous swing :)))

baby/kid stuff doesn't have to be ugly. I have two kids and don't have any tacky baby stuff cluttering up my house (and DO have a swing, bassinet, etc).

in the ideal world there would be well designed durable affordable baby items available. unfortunately in my world at present, most of the available options are either well designed and super expensive, or ugly and cheap. I personally couldn't find any high chairs I could afford that were not ugly to me. but it was in our house less than a year.
way to go on avoiding tacky clutter. it's a constant challenge as they move through the different stages.

I love my antelop highchair from Ikea, we got it without the optional tray (like $15!) and our daughter always sat with us right at the table, it's the perfect height. Durable, streamlined, and zero fug. ;) I do have some expensive baby items, but some other inexpensive ones- you just have to do more looking. My swing is by boppy and it was only $60 I think... it's aqua and taupe with a removable toy bar (which is jsut two small plush bugs) and it's very understated compared to just about every other swing I've seen.

alas when my boy was high chairing there was no ikea here. the amount of looking i would have had to have done to get to a decent inexpensive one would have exhausted the no extra energy i had back then. thankfully it was a stage i survived.

now i have to survive legos, light sabers, and games at every turn.

It is great that your dad is going to be able to baptize Lili. My husband and I are always up in the air over our spiritual beliefs and baptism and all of that. I think it is great that you and M agree and can do this.

It is ok if the swing is ugly as long as Lili likes it!!!!

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