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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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the 2 sides to "the buh"
iconz by rouk

there are two sides to "the buh" (as we call her)
which is why she is the buh-buh (or the br-br)

faerie buh....and troll buh :)

faerie buh makes seahorse noises.
troll buh is full of existential angst.

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That baby is pretty frippin adorable. I love her!

So adorable. I love watching your cam. It calms me. You appear to be such a peaceful, loving family. I wish your financial stresses were fewer. It would ease my mind.

hahaha, troll buh is so adorably angsty! and faerie buh is a cute little poot. aww. :)

Have to vote for the Angst

I had a tee-shirt printed in the university that said
"Pardon me today. My Angst is acting up."

On the back it said
"Emmanual Kant ......
But his sister will"

Does this make me odd?

Oh my goodness, this is just too adorable!!!

my father did a similar photoshoot when i was less than a month old. he used black & white for my "angelic sleeping picture" and then full color for when i woke up and screamed bloody murder.



she is cute! my son is a gemini, so I get to see both of his twins daily. I wanted to comment in regard to your make up community. I would love to be a part of the community being that I am a make up/ special make up FX artist I feel it is only fitting.Thank you.

lottie is in charge of adding new members

you accidently replied to me, and for a second i was confused because the baby in the pics are me. but now that i understand, i have to agree that lili is quite adorable.

I'm LOL'ing at "existential angst". :D

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