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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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anacam's 10th ana-versary
iconz by rouk
holy farging sh*t!
it's anacam's 10th ana-versary!
how did that happen?
and will i even have the time or energy to write anything about it?
everything i have gone through in the last 10 years...
and now here i am....with my daughter and my love
it really blows my mind...

Happy 10th ana-versary!!

Love, Serendipity (now 7 years old on LJ, thanks to you!)

Happy 10th Ana-versary, Ana! I've been watching for about 8 of those years. How time flies!


I have no words for how cute y'all are.

nice pics...such love and congrads on anacam being 10!

Congratulations on 10 fantastically interesting years Ana! Thank you for sharing your art, your talents, your thoughts and your life with all of us.

Happy Anaversary, deerling.
These photos are so beeyooteeful. :) Much love to you and your scrumptious family.

What beautiful ana-versary photos!

teeny little happy baby! does she laugh yet? i dont' know how these things work exactly.

did you get my email, btw?

no, i don't think i got your email!

the Universe showers us with blessings

thank you for sharing your life and your art!


Re: the Universe showers us with blessings

When I first tuned in to Anacam, in 1997, I was blown away by the concept! I was only able to catch glimpses of incomprehensibly alien images like this:

and this:

and a little of this:

I had not seen anything like it before... and never will! It was months before I could manage to view the cam properly on my college computer lab's slightly faster modems.


Do the Guiness World Records people know about you?? Also, I think that the world has long been ready for THE ANACAM BOOK!! I can see it now: thick, glossy, and fabulous! All of the contents of your site, anagrams, and photos will be included. YES!


Your daughter is beyond beautifull, as well as the name...Congratulations to you both. I've been checking out your journal for quite some time now and just got around to creating my own. I find your art and energy to be rather inspiring (to say the least), mind if I add you?

whoa 10yrs! that's awesome! Congrats, hun. You and the beebee look absolutely delightful together. :)

happy ana-versary! you (and M and lili) rule!!! :)

Thanks and Congrats! Your bravery, honesty, and creativity have been such an inspiration to me for years. It takes quite a spirit to share so much with so many. BTW Your litte one is tooooooooooo beautiful!!!