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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk
the days pass so quickly but at the same time so slowly.

we got the results from lili's blood test back yesterday when we took her in for her 2 week check up.
and she does, indeed, have down syndrome.
it was hard to hear it definitively...i wasn't expecting to cry about it, but i did cry a bit for the 1st time.

in other news, yesterday her umbilical cord finally came off.
it looks so much nicer now.
she has such a nice little round belly :)

she gained almost a pound, too!
grew an inch.
she is healthy in every other way.
and she smells so sweet.

she makes little "seahorse" sounds.
not like we know what a seahorse sounds like, but if we did, we are sure she sounds like one.
a rare land seahorse.

we call her "crusty, the seahorse", a squeaky feminine creature

and here is her theme song this week:

"i like to eat and i like to poop and i like to sleep and i wonder where i am and who i am and who you are..."

we love her so much :)

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it's such a strange ether, floating around in 'baby time'...
love her theme song! :)

good to hear updates on your little seahorse :)
seems amazing to me that she grew an inch. so fast!

Happy to hear your days are happy. I'm hoping that as hard as it was to hear officially about the downs it's probably better than having an itch and now knowing about it. Now you can research knowing it's a reality etc.
crusty the seahorse! I love it!

i lost my ana2 password. can you please email it to melena at gmail?

An inch already? That's pretty good growing :D

I saw an amazing painting yesterday and wanted to share it with you--it's by David Lenz and it's called "Sam and the Perfect World." This link should take you there: http://www.gmtoday.com/content/NSL/2006/December/83.asp

I'm sending the best, most positive energy to you, M and your little pink and green earthen seahorse :)

Seahorses are magical creatures :)

A little seahorse! That's the cutest image ever :)

this is such a love-filled, heartfelt post. I can only imagine the intensity of hearing life-affecting news such as this (though I have received life-affecting news on other planes... but that's different). I am certain that you will receive so much love and guidance and it's so obvious that your infinite wellspring of love for your beautiful baby will guide her through a truly remarkable life. she will undoubtedly be a teacher and guide to you as much as you are to her. :)

squeaky feminine creature

thanks for the update ana. love, shannon

Michael Berube wrote an amazing book, Life As We Know It, about his son Jamie, who has Downs. He doesn't keep up his blog anymore, but he posted a lot of great updates about Jamie on there. It's a big challenge, but being a parent is always a big challenge anyway. Good luck.

i'm sure you recall this sigur ros video. i love it so much. how beautiful these people are! angels, indeed. the only downs folks i have met have put me in mind of perfection. contented and people-oriented, seemingly happy. oh, i wish the very best for you, hon.

so many wonderful days ahead for your little family. i love the seahorse sounds in my head! i love the love!


She's such a sweet, sweet baby. I love the seahorse noises expression. I know what you mean :) Oh, and the Queen Lili hat was way too gorgeous... I waited a couple of weeks and then couldn't help myself and bought it. Now everytime I wear it I will think of your beautiful little girl.

All the best,

She's amazing no matter what. Especially since she came from your loins! I'm glad you are coping with the news and I adore "Crusty the seahorse". I guess we know what you HAVE to dress her up as on halloween! :o)

Can't wait to see more pictures of your beautiful family!

Enjoy this time because she will grow SO FAST. I can't believe my nephew is 10 months old already. Seems like just yesterday he was born...

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