ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

the days pass so quickly but at the same time so slowly.

we got the results from lili's blood test back yesterday when we took her in for her 2 week check up.
and she does, indeed, have down syndrome.
it was hard to hear it definitively...i wasn't expecting to cry about it, but i did cry a bit for the 1st time.

in other news, yesterday her umbilical cord finally came off.
it looks so much nicer now.
she has such a nice little round belly :)

she gained almost a pound, too!
grew an inch.
she is healthy in every other way.
and she smells so sweet.

she makes little "seahorse" sounds.
not like we know what a seahorse sounds like, but if we did, we are sure she sounds like one.
a rare land seahorse.

we call her "crusty, the seahorse", a squeaky feminine creature

and here is her theme song this week:

"i like to eat and i like to poop and i like to sleep and i wonder where i am and who i am and who you are..."

we love her so much :)
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