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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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lili voog gets tickled
iconz by rouk


(i'm on a roll today :) i'm the proud mama cat)

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Hi mama cat. I always knew you were a lioness :))
I love Lili's tiny grasping hand. She touches my heart.

She is absolutely beautiful Ana.

OMG that is so cute. BTW CONGRATS!!

I have been reading all of your updates I can not be happier for you.


Lili is so precious.

Grats on such a darling little girl.

I just wanted to say that from my personal experience with numerous Down's kids, you will most likely end up with *the* nicest, most loving child you've ever met.

Now you make me want one! :-P Too cute!

ana you are just as adorable as lili!
your cute little voice. i cherish our phone conversation =]

ahh I can't stop watching this. so cute.

collapsible baby :) SO freaking cute. SO freaking cuddly!

OH MY GOD! MUST get pregnant right this instant. SO beautiful!!!
Will you ever be posting the birth footage anywhere? I'm terrified but want a home birth too so I think it might make me feel better about the whole thing.

PS THOSE FEET! awwwwwww!!! really really.

I work with the developmentally disabled and downs people are so very loving,happy,non-judgmental and wonderful human beings..Your lil baby is absolutely adorable and you and the Daddy are truly blessed to be were chosen as lili's parents!!

Congrats Anna!!

Hey ma, did you ever get the tests back confirming DS?

She's so teeeny... ugh I love it.

Oooooo! Look at that hugable little wiggleworm! She is adorable!!! (And a sassy dresser, I might add! ) ;-)

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