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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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more lili pix :)
iconz by rouk

that is my expressed breast milk she is drinking

jason's dog, kiyoshi

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

photos by jason s. shapiro

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I really like how these photos are so soft, tender and caring - you guys make a beautiful family.

I love that family portrait in the first, it's so great :) happy for you

what a sweet baby. She is so precious.

She is beautiful, you have a beautiful family.

love these!

M and I have the same color hair :)

i love the tone of these photos, but that first one is pretty amazing. you look like a perfect family.

GREAT photos! I love the pirate winky eyed pic especially.

and I have to say - for being one week postpartum your body looks really fantastic. maybe I am being too image-conscious but I'm surprised nobody has commented on that. looks like you carried perfectly during your pregnancy.

what a lovely beautiful family you have!!!!

I WANT HER!!!!!!!!

I love that pic of her and the doggie.........so sweet!

That is a great family portrait, the top one.

kiyoshi in the family pic looks so gently loving of lili ... these pics have officially gone way off the cuteness scale. :)

Absolutely beautiful! Especially the family picture. =)

That email was beautifull

I just tried to reply to your last post and I got the message that I am not authorized to reply, and then the post dissapeared. So I quess I will have to email you, until it gets fixed.

Awwww, that last pic is awesome! ;)

Oh, she's adorable! :) What a great little one you & M. have made! :)

OMGEEZY! The one with the one eye open! OW! My uterus!


She is so beautiful! :-) I am so happy for you guys, you will be wonderfully loving parents.

Ahhhh!!!!! I haven't got to say it yet...but Congratulations!!!!!! May Love, Light, and Beauty be with you and yours always!

my goodness that is adorable!!
i just cannot thank you enough for sharing the beauty of your new family. it makes me smile inside and out =]
and kiyoshi looks just like pooka!

aaww your lil dog like her lol :-)

and i must say wow at your figure being how it is!

The first picture makes me think of Parappa the Rapper

The colors in the photos are so beautiful, and of course lili is adorable.

What wonderful, beautiful photos. She's such an adorable baby and you just radiate motherhood. How beautiful the both of you are. Many, many blessings. XO

my favorite is the one with the doggie and the sinatra pose. ya cha cha cha!
and I've not seen pics of your new hair until now. really beautiful, hun! :)

I love the top one with the doggie. Too freaking adorable for its own good. :)

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