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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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lili's astrological chart
iconz by rouk

anyone care to have a go interpreting this?

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Sweet but stubborn, imaginative, generous, naturally happy and optimistic, sensitive, fiercely loving and protective of those she loves...

In other words, delightful.

She's got a lovely chart, really.

the leo/aquarius sun/moon combination is sure to be dynamic.. the whole fire feeding oxygen thing..

and pisces ascendant will throw that whole dualistic/spiritual/compassionate thing into the mix :)

she'll be a loving communicator (mercury in cancer), VERY very loving, and fiercely stubborn as the previous poster mentioned.

someone else will have to tackle the relationships between the aspects, because that's where my understanding ends :) but just from the looks of it... seems pretty balanced and intense!

er.. oxygen feeding fire.. you know :)

No idea how to interpret that.


I used this one when my sister was born, it explains the character traits & stuff, if I recall correctly.

All I think of when I see it is "Spirograph! Dude, it's so totally spirograph."

Either that, or something having to do with a +4 mace and an irritable Orc.

I'm probably not much help, here.

Well, we can start with trines, Jupiter is in mid-heaven, trine to the Sun, and in a sign it rules, Sagittarius. The birth itself is a happenstance of great good fortune, and as this aspect stays unprogressed, she should have a rather blessed early childhood.

Also trine is Mercury to Uranus, both planets related to communication. Born with a gift of gab, and a capacity for understanding. This make a Cancer-Pieces connection, too, indication the mobile character of the water element. A thinker, though not necessarily in a practical field. Mercury in the 5th house points toward introspective judgment.

That's a start.


Rising in early Pisces. Empathetic, and sensitive. It'll be hard for her to be around people who give off negative vibes. Likely somewhat self-sacrificial, so she won't have a lot of guards against those who would drain her emotionally. She will be generous and humble, and might have difficulty looking after her own needs, over those of others. Uranus and the lunar node in the same sign reinforce this, bringing out even more idealism and altruism.

Aquarius moon makes her indeed stubborn, and very self-willed.

And she's a Leo. That's in addition to Ana-genes. She will be on a stage.

oh thank you thank you for going through the trouble to interpret and write this to me :)


Yes, her Jupiter will stay in a favorable trine orb for 6 or 7 years, making for a rather auspicious early childhood. A very good thing.

All this is just what I see that jumps out at me, there's plenty more in a natal chart like this.

Do you want more, dear? I could go on about ascendant-sextile Mars and such...

oh yes yes, PLEASE, more :)
and much as you want to give me! :)
i could give you some free ana2 for your trouble if you want?

Ok, we can go to the Pisces-Aquarius cusp ascendant. Now normally, a Pisces ascendant leads to a vulnerability to those who would be emotional drains, exploiting her trust and sentimentality. But this is moderated by the Aquarius trend, making her more of a group-oriented person, and keeping distance from individuals. Over time, progression of this Aquarian nature will become predominant over the Piscean one.

Troubling to me is the Great Square of Venus, Ascendant, Mars and Jupiter. This can lead to challenges in both love partnerships and work relationships. Something more non-traditional in both these areas may help.

also, her venus in virgo is in retrograde, right?
so that would make the square even more difficult?

Not necessarily. Indeed, a retrograde planet here can help to mitigate a square. What's more, Jupiter is also retrograde, complicating interpretation. Like I said, this is a quite complex chart.

To consider Venus retrograde, normally it can lead to frustration and loneliness, and a desire to belong. I'm looking for mitigating factors, of which there are sure to be many.

This is actually a quite complex chart, but I'll look at it a bit at a time. Moving onto the Sun sign:

Leos can be vain, but they really shine when others allow them to be generous, show reciprocal affection, and also when in leadership roles. A 6th House Sun can lead to matters of health... Maybe a career in medicine or healing?

To comment a bit more on the Jupiter-Sun trine, it can lead to an optimistic character, and lends more strength to leadership.

I am beginning to look at her Moon, in Aquarius, and in the 12th House. This can give her a desire for freedom, and also make her very popular. This can lead to happiness when she has many friends, but they don't evolve into attachments.

12th House can give a helpful nature, but sometimes this at the expense of helping herself.

Moon square to Mars can be about impatience, disinclining her to boring, routine type work.

I'll work my way out on the planets, so the Cancer Mercury would be first.

This gives her a very good memory. Recalling good times past can comfort her during ongoing hard times. Presence in the 5th House can relate to the printed word. Teaching, especially to kids, can be favored here, but also something like a financial planner, reading stock reports, or (obviously) creative writing.

Now onto Venus. Notice that it's on a cusp, Virgo retrograding into Leo.

The Leo character lends to lavish and playful expressions of affection. She is a born romantic, and anyone she likes will soon be made aware of it. Virgo, however, gives her very high standards. Love can be well-thought out, but sudden spontaneity would not be her thing.

Venus in 7th house is a good thing for love, indicating early success, with a compatible partner. Traditionally, this can foretell marrying into wealth, too, but just as well can mean creating a family where wealth is not a primary concern.

Conjunction here with Saturn gives artistic talent, and adds discipline (which many artists lack) so as to make practical use of such talent. It can also talk to a need for approval of one's peers or a desire for status.

So, there's some mitigating Venus factors, comfort in compatible partnerships, discerning high standards in love, showy, playful affection, as well as an outlet in creative expression.


Taurus Mars can give a desire for material wealth. She will be well-served, then, by the Cancer Mercury and the 7th house Venus.

She can carefully plan her own career, and be satisfied in the pride she would take in perseverance and skill. It can also point to early success in love and a satisfying sex life.

Mars in the 3rd house talks to intellectual competition, and a capacity to rise to an emergency challenge. This can be useful in politics, or something like a journalist.

The square here to Saturn can bring some resentments in life, a challenge to overcome.

There's a lot to say about Jupiter.

Sagittarius makes her very generous, take pleasure in sharing her views with others, and can make her very lucky.

The retrograde motion here can go to strong moral convictions, held from childhood. She will often stick firmly to her own moral codes. theres a square, here, too, to the lunar nodes. also going to values. She may well be out-of-sync with the general social mores, either too progressive in a conservative time, or too traditional in a more open one. The challenge here is the need to adapt.

Ninth House Jupiter can also talk about high moral standards, often gained early in life. She will have an interest in understanding the basis of social order, possibly leading to this pursuit in higher education. It can also lead to religious faith.

I'll talk about her 6th house Leo Saturn, and maybe do some summing up, and leave finer details for later, or for others.

Well, Saturn adds more to her Leo nature. More natural leadership. Saturn here can mean competitiveness, but driven by a need to have others see her as better then just average.

6th house means she actually enjoys hard work, so long as she gets to do it her way. She takes work seriously, and if she becomes a boss or supervisor, she will do well, as she can gain the respect of her employees.

Summing up: Lots of balancing factors here. Many things pulling in many directions makes this a fascinating chart. But I'll make a few judgment calls: She will know in advance what she wants. She will research things before making decisions. She will have good powers of concentration, and a good sense of purpose. She will be good at learning from experience, and be versatile, flexible. She will have an inner need for harmony, but might have some difficulty in accepting responsibility.

She will also be self-motivated, decisive, and ambitious. She will be enterprising and realistic. The pitfall here is guarding against noble self-sacrifice for some cause.

thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! i really appreciate it!! :)


Take a look at that well-balanced baby!

You lucked out and got a keeper!

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