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updates and downs

my milk came in!

so much to update you all.....

a few things in a nutshell:

1. dealing with jaundice a bit, waiting to here back from the dr. if she will need the ultraviololet light treatment thing.
but it's something we can do at home.

2. not getting much sleep (duh.) but we are getting more than in the 1st few days.

3. i am sore as hell and hobble around. i feel like there is a billiard ball pressing my ass at all times (TMI, i know)
and my recurring injury i have in my shoulder/neck, which is like a stabbing pain and makes me not be able to move has returned, making me very very upset.

4. M is an amazing, doting, loving, gentle, wonderful, patient father (as i knew he would be). and we work well together. ridiculously well!
we are a total team and we love each other so much and we love lili soooo much :)

5. oh ya, and i may as well just spit this out and tell you, because it's going to be said at some point so there is no point in keeping it a secret....
the night i gave birth the midwife suspected that lili may have downs. she had to go in and get some blood tests to confirm this and we are still waiting the results. but we are all quite sure she does by certain features she has and how she moves her tongue. it was intense, to say the least, to just give birth and want to celebrate that only to receive this news as well within a few minutes that she was born. we have no idea how moderate to severe it may be. it's nothing i did, it's just the way it is. she has an extra chromosone or something.
but we are adjusting and we love her just the same, of course. she is adorable and as sweet as pie.

6. because of her tongue issues, she has not been able to latch properly and i doubt she ever will. so i pump my milk and then m feeds it to her.
we are getting down a system and i'm going to get an electric pump. i was able to feed her my milk for the 1st time last night and i just cried and was so happy i was able to feed my child my milk. she greatly prefers my milk over formula (who can blame her?) and i am one happy mama cat to be able to give it to her. i'll go in for some lacatation consulting, but i seriously really doubt she is ever going to be able to latch even tho she loves my nipples and wants to breastfeed very much. it's just the way her body is. i don't think she can "unlearn" it. but we'll see. so if you see us giving her a bottle on the webcam, that is what that is about.
we had to give her formula the 1st few days because of her jaundice and dehydration. but it looks like i can give her breastmilk from now on. so yay :)
i am incredibly thankful.

7. she has blueish grey eyes and i know that a lot of babies are born with blue eyes and then it changes, but i don't think it will because her eyes are the EXACT same colour as m's :)

8. she makes the CUTEST sounds. like a baby on helium. it's off the scale adorable.

9. i'll write the birth story out soon. so far i have not had time.

10. we think her middle name is zuzu. we keep coming back to that. so that is probably what it is going to be.
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