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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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lili gets mentioned in city pages :)
iconz by rouk

"Voog 2.0

The stork paid a visit to the Voog household last night, as Anacam subscribers can attest. Minneapolis performance artist/professional naked person Ana Voog gave birth to a 6 lb. 6 oz. baby girl named Lili, a child whose arrival was fretted over and celebrated by those who peer daily into Voog's life via the 24-hour live camera she's been exhibiting her life through for the past decade. And while the preceding months have had rough patches of worry in which Voog and her boyfriend drafted plans for letting family members with more conventional lives raise the baby, in the end, it all came down to a father, a mother, and an in-home birthing pool with a webcam trained on it. Mazal Tov!

by Sarah Askari at July 31, 2007"

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good: you guys weren't on the bridge either

yay Lili!

She is adorable, Ana. I keep checking in on you all.

Did you hear that the interstate bridge in Minneapolis collapsed? Are you in that city?

Freeway bridge collapses into river during rush hour in Minneapolis


congratulations, guys!

ahhh!! it's your little I candle!! i haven't seen that in years, i swear.

Wow, she's getting positive publicity already! Congratulations!

so wonderful ana! i read it. lovely!

for once city pages was worth reading...

hope all is well for you in minnesota after the bridge thing...scary...

:) all smiles for the lovely family. ALL ya'll.

aww, how sweet!

i'm one of the many, many, people who've been following you since the late 90's without ever really saying much, and i just wanted to say that i, too, watched your whole labour and lili's birth on ana2, and was incredibly moved by it. thank you so much for sharing it. most amazing thing i've ever seen on the internet.

way cool!

congratulations. i'm glad everything went well!!


*sending hugs to you, m, and lili*

That's so sweet, it made me cry. I've been doing this a lot lately. Your love for M, and the birth of Lili, has been this one bright shining spot of hope and love in what has been such a rough period in my life. I am so happy for all of you!!!!

Love you sweetheart,

That's a great piece! Professional naked person. **laughs**

It was written so sweetly!

Someone at that paper has been watching you no doubt. "naked person" LOL!!

Too cool....

Such a wonderful event in a womans life... to experience the carrying of a life and bringing that life into the world.

So who is the lucky winner of the birth date guess??
Congrats to you

AWESOME! Such fabulous press couldn't hurt your site. ;)
You gave birth exactly how I wanna do it. I'm hoping you've got a play by play photo thing or description coming out. I'm totally nervous to do it that way but it's what I really want.

Anyway congrats on the free press I hope things are fabulous for you, hun!

Lili is beautiful. shes like a tiny doll and youve given her a beautiful name!

I regret not seeing the birth. If its in files and i can pay to view i certainly would.

Such another proud moment already making news. your going to have so many wonderful proud times.

I love how famous she is already. She's a star in the making!

I saw the baby, how swwwwweeeeet! Congratulations to you. She is beautiful! I read your story extremely fast because my kids are yelling at me now. Any way I wanted to know if I could add you to my friends list I am "whoshevsagit" I crochet and have learned like 5 different stitches on my own. But I read rules. So I would like to have you on my friends list with you is that okay? I remember that proud feeling, it never goes away, the awe gets huger and huger it is fantastic.

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