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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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she's born!
iconz by rouk
born 9:38pm CST
weight 6 pounds 6 oz.

lili :)

more later

she loves my nipples
god i am sore


I am so proud of you. what an awe inspiring day. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILI!!!

congrats! and it's neat she came on her due date!.

Congrats :)
I saw you in the birthing tub this morning, and by the time I came back you had already given birth to her :)

Thank you for sharing this with us.
M looks so happy laying there with baby lili :)

Congrats again, you've done so well! xx

So very happy for you both. Enjoy a well deserved rest.


Yes, yes don't forget to rest....while you still can.

She's already latched on? Wow.

Happy Birth Day to you and Happy Born Day to Lili!


big hug and congrats!!!! Now all the fun begins!!


welcome lili!

x x x

Welcome to the light Babycakes. :o)

Welcome to our world. <3

Blessings ..

The journey has now begun....

It will be amazing.


oh dear congratulations! get all the sleep while you still can and post lots of pictures, how was giving birth in water? how long was your labor? details please