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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk
14:41:49 - 14:42:31

14:45:55 - 14:46:42

14:51:01 - 14:51:44

14:56:57 - 14:57:15

15:01:18 - 15:02:10

15:04:52 - 15:05:46

15:08:11 - 15:08:41

15:10:10 - 15:10:29

15:13:52 - 15:14:36


will this lead to something or will they pitter out?
i'm scared...

will continue to time them.


15:18:18 - 15:18:44

15:22:04 - 15:22:50

15:25:36 - 15:26:15

15:29:15 - 15:30:05

15:34:59 - 15:36:31

15:38:48 - 15:39:32

only time will tell. :)

thinking positive thoughts for you, don't be scared, you CAN do this........and if this is IT, then it means you get to MEET that little baby who's been lurking all this time, it's so exciting when you see who's been in there!


my contractions never got more than about 5 minutes from start to start my whole 30+ hour labor. i spent alot of my early labor in the shower, the water helped.

will this lead to something or will they pitter out?

yes! ;^)

I hope it is soon, I know how interminable this wait is.

Those look pretty regular! :)

Sending blessings.

Hopefully you can channel your fear and focus. Birthing really is an amazing moving spiritual experience and both you and baby will be fine.

(Deleted comment)
Do you know if your cervix is dilated at all?

*good vibes* from me in Canada

eight months ago tonight i birthed my beautiful daughter into the world beyond me. it is a beautiful thing her passing through your body and i know you'll do this with strength.

Get ready! I'm so excited for you! Soon you'll be holding your baby!

if this is it, i wish you the best of luck!!!!!!

don't know anything about pregnancy or birthing so I'll just send happy, comfort vibes in your general direction!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It sounds like Lili is ready! I'm so excited for you! Oh goddess, I'm crying!