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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk

by h2okt


still pregnant.
my "due date" is in 11 hours.
(gee, i'm not counting or anything, am i?)

yesterday was a suckfest. i got a charley horse in my left leg and then with my right hip feeling like it's going to come out of its socket, it made it impossible to walk. so i was forced to lay in bed all day and watch the food network.

today my legs are slightly better but it's too damn ass hot outside to go walking.

M has today and tomorrow off so at least i am not alone.
he is still sleeping, all stretched out in the bed after a night of playing "civilization".

i'm going to go curl up next to him and try to crochet some.

the sound of the air conditioner is driving me mad.

i am not a person to ever be bored...but i am bored.
bored bored bored.
having a baby head firmly lodged in your pelvis makes almost everything impossible to do.
it's so surreal. i cannot comprehend there is a face inside of me. a little tiny squishy baby face.
it's just as creepy as it is interesting.

i'd like to go boating on a lake somewhere and drink iced tea.

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I remember, at the end, I wanted to scream, cry, punch somebody, find something interesting and not boring to do, sleep for a year, be able to breathe, not have heartburn in my nose, not feel starving but be unable to fit more than 3 bites of food in me, sit some way that was comfortable, go more than 30 seconds without having to piss, be able to remember what my feet looked like, not have to do anything at all, and have something to DO.

Sending you all sorts of get-born thoughts and good labor thoughts.

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