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by h2okt


still pregnant.
my "due date" is in 11 hours.
(gee, i'm not counting or anything, am i?)

yesterday was a suckfest. i got a charley horse in my left leg and then with my right hip feeling like it's going to come out of its socket, it made it impossible to walk. so i was forced to lay in bed all day and watch the food network.

today my legs are slightly better but it's too damn ass hot outside to go walking.

M has today and tomorrow off so at least i am not alone.
he is still sleeping, all stretched out in the bed after a night of playing "civilization".

i'm going to go curl up next to him and try to crochet some.

the sound of the air conditioner is driving me mad.

i am not a person to ever be bored...but i am bored.
bored bored bored.
having a baby head firmly lodged in your pelvis makes almost everything impossible to do.
it's so surreal. i cannot comprehend there is a face inside of me. a little tiny squishy baby face.
it's just as creepy as it is interesting.

i'd like to go boating on a lake somewhere and drink iced tea.

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