ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

m's 26th

still pregnant :) surprise surprise.
lili has 12 more hours to make her debut in order to have the same birthday as M.
i don't foresee that happening, but who knows.
today was the only day i had any "investment" in her arriving, so if she doesn't come today then i have no emotional attachment to any other day.
she can just cook in there for however long she wants.
i really didn't think i would actually make it to my "due date" (estimated guesstimated date which has little meaning really), but it looks like i might actually make it there (july 30).
i suppose every woman with her 1st pregnancy is shocked to make it to 40 weeks.
we all think the baby will come "early" and in reality, most 1st pregnancies average 41 1/2 weeks.

so today is M's 26th birthday and it's as hot as frying pan outside.
i'm trying to think of things we can do that are special and are INDOORS WITH AIR CONDITIONING and don't take a lot of $ and are things i can do in my mucho prego state.
but i can't think of much to do, sadly.
i will think of something! i must i must..

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