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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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m's 26th
iconz by rouk
still pregnant :) surprise surprise.
lili has 12 more hours to make her debut in order to have the same birthday as M.
i don't foresee that happening, but who knows.
today was the only day i had any "investment" in her arriving, so if she doesn't come today then i have no emotional attachment to any other day.
she can just cook in there for however long she wants.
i really didn't think i would actually make it to my "due date" (estimated guesstimated date which has little meaning really), but it looks like i might actually make it there (july 30).
i suppose every woman with her 1st pregnancy is shocked to make it to 40 weeks.
we all think the baby will come "early" and in reality, most 1st pregnancies average 41 1/2 weeks.

so today is M's 26th birthday and it's as hot as frying pan outside.
i'm trying to think of things we can do that are special and are INDOORS WITH AIR CONDITIONING and don't take a lot of $ and are things i can do in my mucho prego state.
but i can't think of much to do, sadly.
i will think of something! i must i must..


ah, it may be impractical, but you could fill up the birth tub and get naked and feed each other fruit...........*sigh* I want to do that, and I'm not even pregnant!

my husband and I had a really great time bonding over silly board games at the end of my pregnancy..........it kills time, it's fun, it didn't require me to heave my giant belly around, and it was interactive.

maybe we'll go to the heinous "mall of america"
and buy scrabble and a puzzle of some sort.

i'd like to get some walking in, too, but i'm a little afraid with my hip being the way it is.
but if i can't walk i think you can rent wheelchairs there? ha :) good lord.

yes, i can see it now, M wheeling me around in a wheelchair in the world's largest and most pointless mall for his birthday :)

or better still, "woman gives birth in camp snoopy"
although i don't think they call it camp snoopy anymore.

i'd LOVE to fill that birth tub up and try it out.
however, i don't know if i want to deal with emptying that sucker afterwards!
but maybe :)

Not sure about how physically intensive this might be, but a while back he wrote about a cave that you guys saw on the side of the road, pulled over and went exploring ... perhaps a picnic at this same location?

Hell I dunno ... I'm fresh out of thoughts ... sorry

like i said, i want it to be indoors because it's as hot as hell out there with horrible humidity to boot.

that cave is cool, but is also scary, dark, dank and dirty and people have died in it...so...i will skip that one for today :)

Happy Birthday, m!! I hope for you that Lili will make her appearance today.

I think you are so right about most women thinking they'll have the baby early with their 1st pregnancies. There is such a state of anticipation! With my first, I went 8 days over. This time, I'm having a scheduled c/section a week early...and the feeling of it all is just so different!

why did you schedule a C, if i may so boldly ask?

a movie? movies have the BEST a/c :)

p.s. i'm an only child (and thus first), and i was two weeks 'late!' :P

every so often, my husband and I create a list of places we'd like to travel to, explore, etc.

maybe that's not exciting enough, but I always find it fun to dream aloud together with him (it's good manifestation too!)...

perhaps over a shared meal of exotic take-out sitting by the stereo?

I'm with you on the surprised to make it to 40 weeks... I am 37 1/2 weeks and I feel like I would most likely go late next week or in my 39th week, but yeah, the reality is I'll go to 41 weeks. ;)

Hope that you guys have a fun day and if you do go into labor, enjoy! (the date I picked on your poll has sadly come and gone already)

you'd be surprised how many places have wheelchairs. ikea does! barring wheelchairs, walkers are really great too.

i say go to the movies, and moviehop. or go rent a pile of movies and a get a box of popsicles.

sneak into the pool at a nearby hotel. have m float you around. sneaky is always fun and floating may relieve your discomfort :)

gone to a library lately? i always think that's fun but then again i am a cheap date!

Hi Ana!

I just would like to stop by and wish you happy baby moon.

I first saw you way back when on the Arsenio Hall show and I ran out the next day and bought your CD.

Think your beautiful and if you could stand another friend, I would adore your company!


Go to the Science Museum. It's open until 10:00. It's huge and you could walk for hours there if you wanted to, and it will be nice and cool. You could see an OmniTheater show, or if you have an extra $40 you could see the Pompeii exhibit, which I am dying to see. If you have a library card, go to the Central library beforehand and check out a Museum Adventure Pass to get in to the museum free.

Ana, I won't be able to keep updated, as I am moving on the weekend and my computer will be packed up.
So, I want to wish you all the best if you are to go into labour! Lots of love to you!
Happy birthday to M!

I know this might be a little expensive--- but underwater world!!! There is always a magical feeling when you stand in/under/between the sea tube of swimmers and flippers and fins and their smooth bellies go over your head like scaley marble-eyed angels :)

you're a mermaid mommy!
love, a

have lots of sex, so your baby comes today...cheap, entertaining and does not cost of thing..since you are already preggos...

happy birthday M and happy soon to be birthday day lili

strawberries, pineapple, apple slices, red grapes or other fruit with dipping chocolate or magic shell.
an warmed oiled full body massage or an ice cube massage.
a shower together.
these are great gifts any time;)

it's thursday! the walker art center has free admission :) i know you have been there quite recently, but it's nice and relaxing :)

i went to 43 weeks with my first, and i was induced - basically my Dr did an ultrasound at 42 weeks and was all "umm, this baby is over 8 lbs, if we don't induce you will never be able to deliver this child naturally" - so of course, i made an appointment for the next week --- when i got in and they hooked up the heart & contraction monitor machines, turns out i was having mild contractions already - i got really lucky, iv drip started at 8 am, deliver at 3:52pm - 8lbs, 6 oz. i took no drugs, i wanted it natural, and honestly, it was so much better than so many peoples horror stories made it out to be. i was 17 at the time.

i wish you all the best and will send much juju for a good delivery... i love that you are doing the homebirth in the birthing tub - my fiance and i have already talked about doing this when we have a child :)