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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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let's get this party started!
iconz by rouk
everyone visualize/pray/chant/dance/light a candle that i go into labour TODAY.
OK? :)
because tomorrow is M's golden birthday (and also raggedyrobot's and latitude11's!)
and i want lili out for his birthday!

when m comes home today at 6pm we are going to try to get things going with nipple stimulation and sex.
(sorry i don't have the supplies necessary to try anything other than that, like evening primrose oil etc etc etc)

so i need everyone's help to send me POSITIVE LABOUR VIBES today!
woot woot woot!
let's get this party started!

come on lili come on!
come on out into the world!

(and i think i'll try to get just a little bit more sleep now to save my strength, and try to dream of her)

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That would be awesome if she was born on his birthday! I was supposed to be born on my mom's but I was a day late...:oP

the baby will come when it's ready! try to be patient! :)

don't rain on my parade, maaaaaaaan!

have some fun :)

i know how you feel! i went something like 43weeks, 2days? i can't remember. it was insane.

i'm so excited for you.

ps: that was not bitchy, it was serious! i hate text sometimes!

clicking bottles together

... and chanting "Lili Voog, come out to play-ay!"

heh ...

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

Re: clicking bottles together

click click chant chant! yay! :)

Eat some curry or something equally spicy!
Sending positive labour vibes to you.

sweet lili, so many await your glorious arrival ~ welcome!

uh...*long-distance stimulation* ;)

uh...*long-distance stimulation* ;)


picturing you three as a happy family, together. :)

This is the day that I voted for, so I can get behind that! :-D

Do you have a breastpump? That's some serious nipple stimulaion. Worked for my best friend.

yay lili on the brains and in the hearts...

Snapping a picture in my mind

Of the 3 of you together. Praying, and burning a candle and incense. This
has been one kickass good day for me, so it's easy to visualize.
Red Rover, red rover send Lilli on over.

Happy Birthday, M!! You're going to be a daddy, best wishes on your special day and during your most special week.

You're doing great, momma - Ana, I am *so* proud of you, you beautiful beautiful goddess :)

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