ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

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let's get this party started!

everyone visualize/pray/chant/dance/light a candle that i go into labour TODAY.
OK? :)
because tomorrow is M's golden birthday (and also raggedyrobot's and latitude11's!)
and i want lili out for his birthday!

when m comes home today at 6pm we are going to try to get things going with nipple stimulation and sex.
(sorry i don't have the supplies necessary to try anything other than that, like evening primrose oil etc etc etc)

so i need everyone's help to send me POSITIVE LABOUR VIBES today!
woot woot woot!
let's get this party started!

come on lili come on!
come on out into the world!

(and i think i'll try to get just a little bit more sleep now to save my strength, and try to dream of her)

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