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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk
i think i am losing my mucous plug and having a bit of "bloody show"?
doesn't that just sound fabulous? ewww...it's really not as dramatic as that sounds. which is why i question it...but i think i'm pretty sure because it's been happening for over 24 hours now. but i do know that sex brought it on *bang a gong* and it's not uncommon for this to happen after lovemaking. still...i haven't seen it before during my pregnancy and it's pretty late in the game now *39 weeks today!* and so i think it means that labour is soon on it's way! *crosses fingers but not holding my breath*
when i think of bloody show i thought it was suppopsed to be at least the same amount of blood as a period, but when i looked it up last night, it seems it can just be a bit of pink stained mucous. which is what i have.

the sun is in leo now and our birth tub was delivered yesterday (that thing is deep! nice!) and so we told lili that she can come any time now :)
i'm totally anxious, freaked, nervous and excited.
i feel like i need to "let go" a bit more in order for her to come, but maybe i don't...maybe i have absolutely no control over it at all.
i really actually hope i don't because if she has to wait for me to be mentally prepared for labour, i don't know when i ever will be truly mentally prepared. i just have to go for it and trust...surrender to the process and have faith that my body knows what to do.
nice thoughts but can i do it?

i feel all contractiony (as i have been for months now) and my pelvic bones have sharp pains that jab me every now and then so bad i have to get off my feet ASAP when they happen. lili is moving around in me like crazy. sometimes it feels like she is trying to stretch out and this is quite painful. bones in my belly! big strong bones. and i am having more low aches and menstrual like aches here and there (been having those for weeks). owie.

my midwife will be over to check me in an hour and i can't wait to hear her opinion on it all.

on our zen calendar today, the saying is:
"the fruit drops when the tree is ripe"

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yup, that's "bloody show"! It could happen soon now... I had my daughter 8 days after my mucous plus/show but she was really posterior which might count for the delay.

oh the zen saying is perfect!

I'm so happy and excited for all of you. You are going to be such a beautiful mother, Ana!

That is the sweetest icon. I agree with you totally regarding ana being a beautiful Mama : )

I'm so excited, yeay!!!

Yeay! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

... and the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

taking in to account the "tree," she's going to be absolutely wonderful!

I'm still hoping for August 3, but I have a feeling that a week and a half is an awfully long time from now.

Tomorrow is Tish'a B'Av -- a Jewish fast commemorating the destruction of the two Temples. I don't see anything else in my calendar besides the bi-weekly knitting get-together at my house Wednesday, and ComicCon this weekend. Oh, and a DJ gig on Saturday. ;)

this is exciting. i hope you're ripe enough. tee hee.

Have some eggplant parmesan...its been known to send women into labor. Not kidding. :)

Oh how exciting!

You *CAN* do this. I know you can, and I've not even met you. :)

FWIW, with my first child, my plug came ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL in one fun glop. With my second, it lasted several days and way just tinged mucus. Usually is a little pink mixed with a little brown (old blood).

i wish you an easy birth giving. that is what you will need very soon))

yep, my husband said i was ripe like a plum, when you can, when it's comfortable walk walk walk, that helped me so much to have a quick delivery, and i would squat as much as i could to clean the floor or just hang out. My experience from my labor which happened very quick and pretty forceful i was told, i had no choice but to let go, i had no control at all, and i like to be the one in charge, i was swept away and caught up for sure. I know you will have a serene birth just by the way you have spoken and prepared for it, for something we cant really prepare for. The fact that you know you are loved is all you need, the two (three) of you will have a sweet birth. I watched a video once of a russian midwife, she was birthing her third child, she was in a tub and her husband sat behind her from the back and held her and they were softly kissing and he was holding her and it was so sensual and she sighed once and the baby came out into the water, no joke, just a sigh. I loved the image that such a initmate sensual start of conception ended the same way with the birth.

wow wow

I am home all this week so give me a call at home when you want me around or want me to come take the dogs away :) charging battery for video camera. glad to hear the tub is there. looking forward to meeting the little sprout.

did you get some star trek videos yet?

It's all getting quite exciting now! I hope everything goes great and that little Lili comes out healthy.
Good luck!

I'm originally from MPLS and used to watch your cam from time to time... I haven't checked it in about two years probably though, I followed a link to a live webcam birth to find out it was you, CONGRATS!

I am also 39 weeks, though with my second baby, and we're having an unassisted home birth.

FTR, I lost my mucous plug the morning before I gave birth to my first daughter, I hope this is it for you! :D

Oh yeay, oh yeay, oh yeay, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!1 I'm just over the moon, thrilled, flipping joyously internally for you, this amazing woman I have loved for soooooo long.

My friend is having a baby, woot, yeay, woohoo!!!!

I keep thinking positively and meditating for all three of you, and it's hard not to come check in frequently.

Plug schmug, we can handle it, it's all beautiful, seriously. You're the one who taught us to love bloody tampons in the first place, remember, lol.

I think the words bloody show are actually sexy for some reason. I think the whole thing is wildly, powerfully sexy. I think pregnant women are the sexiest women on the planet, yep. And then so are Mommies.

My little baby, now a full grown, had sex, occassionally pot smoking, acne covered man being, is sitting next to me going through the hell of trying to get his Dell computer fixed over the phone. Poor little guy.

I'll shut up. I love you gals/guys.

Love, love, love, love you,
Jacqui and Beau and even Scott and the kitties.

One good thing about Scott is that he has always been loving and totally accepting about blood and mucus and anything that comes from my vagina, I just thought I'd throw that out there, because I love that about him. He's never let my having a period be a stumbling block to making love, would even take my tampons out and throw them away for me. Sorry, just musing on body fluids and how it's all good, yep.

I forgot to add, when one of my Mama cats had her kittens she lost her plug on my pillow and I didn't know what it was until she started pushing. Seen so many kitty labours and they're just so well, normal, like a hard workout for a body, something they can do easily. I think we can do that too.

I am praying for the easiest, smoothest transition for you.

Much love,

"my pelvic bones have sharp pains that jab me every now"

But that was early labour for me. Started off stabby, moved into...hmmm...it felt like they were spreading apart and on fire, then came the first real labour contractions.

Either way, sounds like progress!!!

Oh and "bloody show"/"mucous plug" for me was like a wad of brownish, sticky snot-like goo in my underwear.

Also, I'm retardo excited for you. :oD *hugs* & <3

Re: I'm no expert...

That's exactly what my cat's plug looked like. I thought it was throw up or something else, but then I could see her abdomen was so tight, and her vagina was moist and then before long she was nesting and pushing -- so beautiful and amazing how all of her muscles would work together to push the babies out who I helped deliver.

It's been seventeen years since I had my son, I remember it so well, but my cats' births seem to be standing out for me because I've been their midwife, pulling them out when they get stuck, breaking open the sac, toweling them off, getting them warm, putting them on mommies nipples. No more kittens though, please???

Sorry to ramble, I'm just so excited for Ana I have to keep checking in.


I am hoping you are resting a lot. I think it helps if you are well-rested. Then, too, sometimes when I am tired I don't feel pain as much. So
it's hard to say.

I'm just so excited for you two. Lilli is coming!! You will have a beautifull birthing experience. I know you will. All of you. I will be
visualizing and hoping and watching. With so many people wishing you well
and at the time of the birth, how can you possibly go wrong??

(((((((((hugs))))))))) :)

Ooooh yeah, I was thinking that earlier, that there is all of this loving positive energy being directed towards them, all of our various spiritual beliefs, meditations, prayers, candles, healing vibes, energy work, visualization. That's powerful and just has to be helpful, has to be.

I love your name. Shakespeare.


you both know what to do :-)

so nice to be with you and learning with you on this journey


thank you

thinking of you

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