ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog


i think i am losing my mucous plug and having a bit of "bloody show"?
doesn't that just sound fabulous?'s really not as dramatic as that sounds. which is why i question it...but i think i'm pretty sure because it's been happening for over 24 hours now. but i do know that sex brought it on *bang a gong* and it's not uncommon for this to happen after lovemaking. still...i haven't seen it before during my pregnancy and it's pretty late in the game now *39 weeks today!* and so i think it means that labour is soon on it's way! *crosses fingers but not holding my breath*
when i think of bloody show i thought it was suppopsed to be at least the same amount of blood as a period, but when i looked it up last night, it seems it can just be a bit of pink stained mucous. which is what i have.

the sun is in leo now and our birth tub was delivered yesterday (that thing is deep! nice!) and so we told lili that she can come any time now :)
i'm totally anxious, freaked, nervous and excited.
i feel like i need to "let go" a bit more in order for her to come, but maybe i don't...maybe i have absolutely no control over it at all.
i really actually hope i don't because if she has to wait for me to be mentally prepared for labour, i don't know when i ever will be truly mentally prepared. i just have to go for it and trust...surrender to the process and have faith that my body knows what to do.
nice thoughts but can i do it?

i feel all contractiony (as i have been for months now) and my pelvic bones have sharp pains that jab me every now and then so bad i have to get off my feet ASAP when they happen. lili is moving around in me like crazy. sometimes it feels like she is trying to stretch out and this is quite painful. bones in my belly! big strong bones. and i am having more low aches and menstrual like aches here and there (been having those for weeks). owie.

my midwife will be over to check me in an hour and i can't wait to hear her opinion on it all.

on our zen calendar today, the saying is:
"the fruit drops when the tree is ripe"
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