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team leo!

11 hours til LEO!
oh ya oh ya! :)

i'm gonna give birth to a lioness and not a crab!
(unless all of a sudden i go into active labour today and it goes fast, but i don't think that is going to happen *crosses fingers*)
39 weeks tomorrow!

*kitty dance*

enjoy some vegan placenta recipes:

did i tell you that a local french restauraunt is going to cook my placenta?
oh yes!
for my alice in wonderland themed "eat me" party :)
who wants to try my placenta?
all my friends are wimping out on me! shame on them!

also, why are people so eeked out over eating placenta?
i mean, jeez, how many millions of people eat the body of christ and drink the blood of christ every single day?
and eating a placenta is considered weird, even tho all of the animal kingdom does it?
now THAT is strange to me.

placenta has to be the only completely 100% politically correct meat on the planet, no?
i made it myself! :) i'm sure i taste great!

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