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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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team leo!
iconz by rouk
11 hours til LEO!
oh ya oh ya! :)

i'm gonna give birth to a lioness and not a crab!
(unless all of a sudden i go into active labour today and it goes fast, but i don't think that is going to happen *crosses fingers*)
39 weeks tomorrow!

*kitty dance*

enjoy some vegan placenta recipes:

did i tell you that a local french restauraunt is going to cook my placenta?
oh yes!
for my alice in wonderland themed "eat me" party :)
who wants to try my placenta?
all my friends are wimping out on me! shame on them!

also, why are people so eeked out over eating placenta?
i mean, jeez, how many millions of people eat the body of christ and drink the blood of christ every single day?
and eating a placenta is considered weird, even tho all of the animal kingdom does it?
now THAT is strange to me.

placenta has to be the only completely 100% politically correct meat on the planet, no?
i made it myself! :) i'm sure i taste great!

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It's not surprising........we also tell women to lie flat on their backs, we tell them to distrust their bodies, and we tell them to birth their babies in rooms with hordes of strangers and bright lights. No one else in the animal kingdom does that either. We're all kinds of messed up in the ways we look at pregnancy and birth............

And "Eat Me" party is pretty much the best idea I've heard in a long time.

Hey! As a proud crab, I gotta ask, what's so bad about Cancerians??
I mean, sure, I'm dating a Leo, and they're pretty freakin' rad. :) But come on! What am I, chopped livah? Er... placenta? :D

How did the conversation with the French restaurant go, exactly? Have they done this before? So great!!

i've just had too many cancer boyfriends.
they get all snippy and incommunicative.
cancer girls are ok :)
if she turned out to be a cancer, i'm sure she'd be rad :)

it's just that i am an aries sun and moon with leo rising and M is also a leo, so having a family of kittens appeals to me :)

i know the owner/chef of the restauraunt os i just asked him if he'd be interested and he said yes :)
he is kind of a chain smokin' x punk rock anthony bourdain type.

I hear ya...


Hee hee.

That chef sounds seriously bad-ass. Viva le French punk rockers. They are a truly inspired breed. :D

"i've just had too many cancer boyfriends.
they get all snippy and incommunicative."

god.. sing it, sister.

Is the chef that guy from Husker Du with that bad-ass mustache? :D

The party idea is brilliant, I love it! Not a chance in hell I'd eat placenta, but I wanna see pics of you eating it!!! :oD

I am going to take a least a hunk out of mine because I am told by many it prevents post-partum depression. That alone is worth it! Of course, if it looks like I have any problem bleeding it will be a good enough reason as well.

Leo babies from here on out!!

who knew when we "met" on lj we'd both be having kittens in our bellies :)

leo, with leo rising here...

the pride welcomes another beautiful kitten =^- -^=

Re: leo, with leo rising here...

meow :)

My mother is a Leo .. go kitten!!!

woot! oh miss ana, i've apparently been in a hole for 9 months on LJ! i didn't even know about the pregnancy, this is awesome. i'm sure you'll have a lovely little lioness, i can't wait to meet her. =)

sending love and baby hugs ~ ♥

LOL re: "i made it myself! i'm sure i taste great!"

if you can't eat yourself, what can you eat?

however, I'm not sure I am able to eat my own placenta when the time comes. Not that I think people shouldn't eat their placentas (I think it's awesome actually) but as a looooongtime vegetarian I am squeamish about fleshy stuff :)


I don't find the idea of eating placenta ickier than any other "exotic" meat, but I'm a pretty straight chicken-and-beef-and-occasionally-pork kind of girl... I don't think I could stomach eating placenta any more than I can't stomach the idea of eating duck or caribou or something.

Interesting- never thought about this before. It wouldn't technically be going against my morals to eat it- as a vegan and all. But just the concept of eating flesh grosses me out haha, human or not. I'm not sure I would get any pleasure out of eating anyone's placenta. But i guess i could see how a meat eater might not think anything of it. To each his or her own i guess!

I have eaten the flesh of many animals, including thier livers, necks, and gizards, shark, rabbit, and deer. I've eaten some raw, and some downright bloody and plenty of unborn chicken babys. So, ya, why not? I'm sure it has lot of nutrients.
There is only one food that I don't like to even look at or smell and that's beets.
And I am a Leo also. But I think I am one of the difficult stubborn, don't mess with me (proud) Leos. But, My BD is Aug 17th. There's no way you're having the baby that late.

Perhaps they find it somewhat cannibalistic? Because when you think about it... Would you eat your friend's finger if they offered it up to you? If it was a spare finger they were going to have taken off anyway?

But regardless, the "Eat Me" party is a fantastic theme : ) I've been following your pregnancy since you discovered it and let us in on it, and I'm super-excited for you. I think you're going to be a great mother!

There is no way in hell I'd eat anyones placenta. Too strange.

i don't think i would ever feel inclined to eat anyone else's placenta, but it was highly recommended by my midwife to have some of my own during recovery from a difficult homebirth. for those who have commented about being squeamish, you can always hide it in a smoothie! :)

I'm not sure if this is true or not, but when I was considering eating my placenta, my midwife said that it would only be of benefit if I ate it raw. Apparently cooking it destroys the hormones etc that help.

Hope all is going well Ana. I can't believe my little Luca Joe is 2 and a half weeks old!

i agree. placenta totally natural. weird to not eat it...humans seem to be the only species who has lost touch with it's instinct on some levels...

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