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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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(no subject)
iconz by rouk

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this photo is beautiful!
you look amazing, ana.


Best pregnancy portrait ever. Beautiful.

you are so beautiful at the brink! (of change, transformation, motherhood!) My fondest good wishes for the next weeks...........

You are gorgeous, m'dear. I love the shades and the background (is that Lili's wallpaper?!). You and your photos light up my world.

not lili's sadly.
it's wallpaper that is up at the walker art center.
i love it so much :)

I wonder if it's wallpaper at the walker art center and, if so, if someone could clue you in on how to get some for yourself and/or lili. It says lili all over it. :)

it's by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takashi_Murakami

but i don't think i cna buy it from anywhere, sadly

that is a wonderful, sexy image.

Ana, love, I don't recall, but did you once tell me you thought it'd be possible for me to dread my own hair? And I LOVE those extensions you have in. Are they tricky to get in?

you could dread some of it yourself but it would be hard to do the back and stuff by yourself.

basically you just rat the hair and then pull sections of it through with a crochet hook to get it to stay. it's hard to explain in words but easy if i showed you.
i'll bet there are some tutorials on the web.
i wish i could do your hair!

the extensions are very tricky to put in and make.
it takes awhile to learn that and you can't do it to yourself. i really wish you could...it would save me a lot of $!

Will the fact that I have a seriously receded hairline (always have) be impossible to mask without making it look as though I'm trying to mask a seriously receding hairline?

no you could mask it, not a problem, but adding a bit of extra hair in there for volumne (tying it in).
tying it in, tho (really well) is the tricky part!

but then again you could just loop extra hair into your dread and then dread that hair, too afterwards, and that would keep it in.

but then as your hair grew out you'd kinf of have a forked dread at the end.

if you tie them in at the root, you can take them out and retie them in again as your hair grows out so they are always at the root

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love love love this picture.. You are always so beautiful.. and that wallpaper... I want it!!

congratulations. on everything.

that's a way cool picture.

You look great! Love that pink mixed into the blonde!

amazingly brilliant ana, in many aspects. your essence is so incredibly endearing. you steal my breathe simply by your own living and being. beautiful in ways that i could endlessly and hopelessly wish for, but deeply admire about you. it's like the perfect sunset with black coffee, black on white words in paper, and a smoke. i always desired to look like a sunset, it being an element that i would love to be united with, but cannot be in this body.

you are a bit like that, truly something else to witness.

an enchanting and breathtaking lover, an unimaginably perfect friend, and a soon to be wonderful mama.

i hope that you already know all of these things.


i am honoured and humbled by your incredible kindness! wow! :)

tell me how to do that to my hair?!

I recognized that as Takashi Murakami! You're such a hip mom!

are you at the Walker or do you have that in your home?

wow...this pictures rocks SO much!!!

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