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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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(no subject)
iconz by rouk
another day to make it through.
last night i was so on edge and hormonal. crying at everything and being overwhelmed.
hurting and being uncomfortable and itchy.
i am so anxious and every little contraction i have puts me on alert.
when m gets home from work today (at 10pm) he is going to help me move furniture into the thing room because we need to make room in the bedroom for the birthtub.
all these things need to be taken care of NOW.
i can't relax until they are done.
i limp and moan and whimper about the house.

but i still have my good moments too and somehow manage to still have sex and laugh, as well.
m is my rock, my solid grounding. my partner.
he gives more more than enough hugs and kisses and comforting. makes me feel safe and consoles and soothes me.
and he never tires of it, it seems. his arms are always open to me.
he never runs out of touches.

even in his last moments of wakefulness at night his limbs always search to entangle me all pretzel like within him, and he hold me close as he drifts off.
i am so lucky.
in the morning, i nuzzle up to him more and drink in his sleepy smell from the back of his neck and he turns over to spoon me and envelope me.
he offers his fingers for me to chew on, and i nibble like a happy puppy then crash back into my pillow making contented cooing and clucking sounds.
i rediscover his morning hard on and grab hold of it singing "mmm mmm mmm"
it is a present for me and i make good use of it :)
then his hair dripping wet from the shower, he kisses each one of my eyes and little kisses for my lips.
he always kisses me goodbye many times before he leaves.
sometimes i run for the door for one more, pleadingly, i always get at least 3 more.
i am the luckiest person in all the world.

photo by jason shapiro.
taken at the walker art center last week.
my new hair.
i look slightly cranky, but i wasn't :)
dig my big ass sunglasses.
love that wallpaper.

it's thundering, lightning and pouring...90 degrees.

at 5:30 i go over to be interviewed for this new internet "tv show"
something to pass the time.
what to wear what to wear...

yesterday i went geocaching and found 2:

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I love that picture! You look lovely!

Pregnant and otherwise, you are one of the coolest and most beautiful women I have ever seen.

(Deleted comment)
I can't believe how much energy you have. You inspire me Ana!

ohmigod i have NO energy!
what i wrote is very condensed.
i have about 2 hours of energy a day and after that i lay on my side and wimper!

My husband loves me with the same types of kisses, caresses, touches and tenderness. The sweetest most tender love is my most comforting and delightful fulfilling love and it's a blessing to feel it with my partner and best best best friend and supporter.

it's so wonderful to know that life can finally be that way, isn't it? :)

Awesome photo. I really love those shades! They're right up there with your pink (or are they red?) heart shades. :)

i have both pink and red! :)

From what I've read thus far (I'm a new subscriber to your journal *waves* hope you don't mind!), I think your baby is going to be born into such a loving, wonderful life! :) What a lucky baby!

We went geocaching tonight too, didn't find it though, but the park was misty and lit by a sliver of orange moon so it was worth it.
That wallpaper is wicked!

Ooooooooh, Takashi Murakami!!!

i love those photos and your words!!!!!!!!!!!!! so lovely ana! you and m both are lucky to have each other! yeah for close lovers!

your description of your relationship is so beautiful. i am so happy for you, and jealous :) ihope someday i'll have someone to speak of with half of the happiness you have.

your hair looks wonderful, by the way.

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