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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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wedding and honeymoon ideas
iconz by rouk
we are thinking about possibly getting married on may 20th, 2008 (full moon)

give us some honeymoon ideas :)
where to go for good weather at that time?
we want something unusual and exotic but does not cost a gazillion dollars
and somewhere where the threat of being kidnapped is not high :)

although i do think new york city would be a fantastic place, and m has never been there yet so i'd love to show it to him :)
or somewhere in california, too. mmm :)

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Honestly in May I would go to Cape Cod (especially P-town) because the season hasn't fully started yet so it is not crowded and stuff is still relatively affordable but the weather is great. If I could stand flying in planes I would go to Hawaii.

thailand, thailand, thailand.

Bangkok for a few days, then go south to the beaches. Can be done super cheap, comparatively. Oh yes.....:)

Cool ideas.

Some depends on if you're going to be nursing at the time, or if your little one stays home. One good resource for cheap flights to warm places is hobbittravel.com. They are based in the Twin Cities, and book blocks of seats on charters and commercial airlines. They have helpful agents you can talk to via their 800 number too. They sometimes go to places like mexico, costa rica, the virgin islands, etc..., as well as more mundane nice places like NYC, Seattle, etc... . Anyway, a good place for very cheap tickets. Oh, and their's always London and the rest of Europe.

Hmm...England in May? I'm not sure it's a good idea. I'm in Birmingham at the moment, and it's pouring. And it's July. If you want to go somewhere that isn't the States, then I'd suggest the Mediterranean :o) like Greece, Malta or South Italy. They're all baby safe and nice and warm!!


P.S. 20th May is a very lucky day! :o)

Personally i wouldn't got to NYC- to much stress after a wedding! unless your wedding is really low key/low stress and then it would be a fun adventure.

You could always come to Maine! May isn't bad for weather and it is nice and peaceful. Good for serious R & R. It isn't super warm yet though in May so it is still kinda jeans and t-shirtish. I like someone's idea about Cape Cod too. Lots of options.

A very nice place, close to home, would be Door County, Wisconsin. It it the finger that goes up into Lake Michigan. In May is beautiful and, as in Cape Cod, it is before the tourist season starts. You can get a lakeside condo very reasonable. Good luck!!

ANA ...

You want Exotic?

You want reasonably cheap?

How about Teotihuacan?

It's right outside Mexico City, so the airfare's not insane (right now American has round-trip flights listed for next May at about $375/person), and you can go straight from the airport out to the ruins.

There is one of the Villa Arqueologica hotels right there (I've stayed at it a couple of times, as well as other "sister properties" around the Yucatan) which is very nice. They're built on the axis of the city (outside the road which rings the archaeological zone), and have small pyramids in the parking area! The food's good and reasonable (don't freak at the prices on their site, those are pesos!), the pool's top notch, and the rooms comfortable.

Of course, I'm a freak for archaeology, but this is one of the coolest places in North America! Speaking of "cool", because of the altitude around there it should only get up to around 80° around there in May, so it's not like slogging off for Merida.

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Dang ... forgot to drop in the link to the Villa Arqueologica site in the above ... fixed here!

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this is going on my list of places to go.


The Villa Arqueologica chain is fascinating ... I don't know if this is still the case, but when they were first developed they were owned by the Mexican government, but operated by Club Med, although not as a "club", just a hotel, but with the attention to basic "international standards" which might not otherwise be available from a small hotel off in some archaeological zone. The reason that I wonder if this has changed is that the clubmedvillas.com site is gone, so it is possible that these are now being independently run.

Anyway, back in the 70's the Mexican government saw a need for some place for the growing "archaeological tourism" trade to stay when visiting various ruin areas. They had a Mexican architect design a basic template for these and built them in (if I recall correctly) seven or eight areas. I've stayed at the ones at Chichen Itza, Coba, Uxmal, and Teotihuacan, and I seem to recall that there were another handful at other sites. Each is slightly different (for instance, they had to "flip" the plan at Teotihuacan when they found pyramids on site, with them ending up making that area the parking lot), but with the same basic feel and facilities. Needless to say, it was brilliant to contract with Club Med to manage these, as that insured a certain level of cleanliness, food, service, etc.

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i like the proximity to the sites. the standards of cleanliness and such are nice but not something i really need. i've slept in a ditch before. i can do it again :)

When I think exotic, I think of Gabon. It's usually really hot because it's on the equator, but in May the dry/colder season starts. It's also pretty safe for tourism and there's lots of fun stuff to do there.

I suggest Montreal. It's not far, it's not terribly expensive, and it's like the best possible combination of Paris and San Francisco.

btripp for the win. Mexico city looks rad.

My girlfriend and I like to go to theme hotels and tourist traps for our anniversary. First year, we took a trip to The Union Hotel and Solvang The hotel has amazing theme rooms, and we did a champagne tasting followed by an amazing dinner. Year two was The Adventure Inn, our favorite place to stay in Reno. Year three was the The Jabberwock in Monterey.

What about lovely Freiburg? :-D Beuatiful and France and Switzerland are 30 miles away. And if you go a bit further: Italy, Spain, Austria, the whole shebang :-)

i'm going to be horrible and suggest you come join me on the Destination Weddings message board on theknot.com - seriously addicting, but the girls are awesome and very helpful finding great deals, helping you out, etc :) i'm getting married in October and they've been GREAT to have a sounding board, get awesome ideas, help with designing stuff, etc etc. let them know what you are looking for and you'll get a ton of help from people who have recently done it, or are in the process now, a wealth of knowledge :)

end shameless pimping.

The Isabella Stuart Garder Museum in Boston is actually a secret place to get hitched. I eloped there without permission by the museum and came in with my JOP. We went to the top floor in the medieval room where all the Vermeer & Rembrandt paintings are hung and stood by the window overlooking the courtyard garden, it was the best most romantic way I could imagine getting married other than say in a hot air balloon or flying to Joshua Tree in CA. Boston in full of blooming flowers and lovely in May. Good luck!

Terrific and scenic

I know of a beautiful place that is private yet gorgeous, the sun rises right across the water from your own private cabin on the water.
I spent my birthday last year (gift from my boyfriend) at Tranquility Base in Tofino British Columbia. It was so beautiful and amazing I didnt want to leave and it won't cost you the bank to go. It would be some place completely different than the norm. I went at the beginning of May and it was fantastic.

That is the cabin we had for 2 nights. It has everything you need And that particular cabin is Pet friendly. With a private bathtub outside too.

Also there are other cabins in Tofino you can get, Tofino is known around the world by many travellers and you would love it.
Here is the link to other places you can have there:


Just an idea that isn't the norm.
On Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada

I want to get married to my man (just us two) in the Japanese countryside. Not only would it be us two and very intimate, it would allow us to have an amazing honeymoon. :) Luckily my man speaks Japanese.

Swim with BELUGA WHALES! Or dolphins or sea lions. It's not exactly cheap ($200+ per person) but it's the coolest thing I've ever done. The different Sea World's have different animals available.

I would blow out all the stops and go to Paris. It would take some doing to find cheap airfare, and lodging, but it's PARIS. Sitting in the little cafe's where the great artists used to sit, and you don't have to paint, just bring a camera. The Umbrella trees, the villas, the vineyards, the shops and cafe's. So much to see there! Just outside of Paris at a B&B. You can look on Craigslist to find a B&B, or even an apartment to sublet. That would be cool.

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