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people keep asking about this, so here it is again:

baby registry


I thought you might like to know that I have created a Baby Registry at Amazon.com. You can find it anytime by searching for my name at http://www.amazon.com/babyregistry.

Best Wishes,
ana voog and matthew bruce

You can see ana voog and matthew bruce's entire Baby Registry at:



one week until i am officially full term! eek!

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Since it's a crazy week of figuring out new apartment and when/how to move my stuff, I probably won't be checking back again. So I'll just send a note in advance for a safe and healthy birth, and hopefully by the time I am back online you will have some good news for us all. :)

Happy labour!

~Jessie Brown,
Saskatoon, Canada

You're probably aware, but Liliel was the Angel of Night, and the closest representation of Lilith in the Judeo-Christian angellic hierarchy. A close comparison is Lailah, who was the Angel of Conception. ^_^)

i am so looking forward to seeing pics of you and your child!

Eeeee! Can't wait!

ps, I found this photo and thought of you... a soul-relative, perhaps? ;)


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