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mama's got a mohawk
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You look amazing! WOW!! :) :) I love the hair! :)

i fucking love you!
you're rocking this whole pregnancy thing and making it your OWN. like i knew you would =]
[can't wait to re-subscribe soon!]

Cute as hell...but I wouldn't expect any less from you! :)

Heh, chic! I think there is nothing more beautiful than a woman in pregnancy, but my favourite type of pregnant lady is Punked-Out Preggo. I look forward to it in my own future. ^_^)

i LOVE your hair this way... of course i might be a little bias :)
i'm finally letting my hawk grow out.
it looks super cute.
have a great day!

(Deleted comment)
fabulous hair you've got goin on there missy!

am very happy for you, you look fabulous and radiant (bet you're feeling more the latter than the former though ;) ...)

are you baby registered anywhere? or if you've got a postal address, i'd love to send you some baby goodness from japlandia.


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