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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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35 weeks (and all nude all week on anacam!)
iconz by rouk

all nude all week! to celebrate my last days of having this very pregnant body :)
i'm one week shy of 9 months pregnant now, the hot weather is upon me, and august 22nd will be anacam's 10th anniversary!
a decade! i'd do all nude all week in august, but since i will have given birth by then and i will need to recuperate and nest with my family, august will not be a good time. so i'm going to do it now :)
and what an unusual experience it will be to do it 9 months pregnant! a new twist!

and really , who knows, i could give birth anyday now (but i HOPE not to for at least 2 more weeks as i will not be officially full term until then). and i'm going to be giving birth LIVE on cam *fingers crossed*...so this is a very exciting time to join ana2.com! it will be (i'm pretty sure) the internet's 1st ever live on cam home birth! a truly historical moment.

so come and celebrate these last few weeks of pregnancy with me at http://www.ana2.com
relish in the female form at it's most fertile and luscious :)
a unique experience never (and really i mean never! ha :) to be repeated by me!

and i really am QUITE sure this will be the very very last all nude all week i will ever do as i really do not know how i will do one again with a child around. so this really is the last and most special one of all. a fitting tribute to anacam's decade long existence and dedication to bring you raw, true life and art.

you can sign up to ana2.com here:
or sign up here for one nonrecurring month gift membership:
and watch (and see the archives every day) of the BIG cam with the fast refresh...read my diary on how i am feeling about all of this, the beautiful and the painful.

the money i raise will go to pay for the steadily increasing medical costs of pregnancy and labour (midwife, blood tests, prenatal vitamins, birthing pool etc)!
so please , it's not only fun and educational, it's for a good cause! :)

all nude all week as you've never seen it before!

all nude all week starts TONIGHT!

woo hoo :)

in roundness,

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hello, mama!

oh beautiful darling girl, how i know it with money. all of these medical situations are so expensive, especially due to the anesthesia for me, which is very pricey. i still have a more procedures left and i am racking my brain to try and figure out how to pay for what wont be covered, but i have sold all that i can, i am afraid. i've been battling cyclic vomiting syndrome so severely, and still the doctors cannot find a solution- however, i've been trying medications left and right, and paying for most of it, when 90% is much like a placebo for me. this has been going on for so long now that i am losing track, as it only gets worse.

but i wanted you to know how thrilled i am to see you like this. it's glorious and euphoric, the way a pregnant woman looks a few days prior to giving birth. you especially look truly alluring.

you blow me away, angel, with your beauty.


Yay!! I just subscribed again :) You look gorgeous and perfectly round ♥

You are amazing!
& totally lovely xox.

Luscious, indeed. You look so beautiful.

did you ever think? did you ever dream?

wow, ten years and you are so beautiful. ten years and the world has changed. and we are finally aligning with the Omniverse.

Bless you, Ana.

Lots of love and light to all who gather here!


Wow...you are more beautiful than ever! :)

I think that in some ways, we are a bit like each other. Mainly, it was your creative expressionism. Mine has hidden away for so long, but when Art speaks to me, and teases the hiding Spirit out it's hole, the way I feel is the same way that I feel when reading your words, or being touched by your art.

About a year or two ago I saw a program featuring you on television. It was about how you had decided to begin as a full-time webcam artist. You'd already been an artist, but as the saying goes, money was stretched very, very thin -- to the point of breaking. I was inspired by your courage to do something new and fairly unheard of at the time, and pleased to see another female artist in the world with similar views, it seemed, on the point of open-mindedness regarding sexuality in art, life as art, whore as healer, art as spirituality. I believe that the profession of Artist is a sacred Calling, just as belonging to another immersive path of dedication in heart-mind-body would be.

I have further thoughts that I'd like to discuss with you, but this is enough for an opener to say hello. I've wanted to know you for a while now.

Take care and Namaste,
~ Jessie Brown, Artist in Saskatchewan, CAN
(or, jokingly, the "Religionless Nun")

P.S. I am so very pleased that you have decided to name your daughter Lili! It's a name dear to my heart, for more reasons than one. ;)

ana.. you are so beautiful. i love the way you are choosing to celebrate your pregnancy and your body.

my thoughts, love and best wishes are always with you.

x x x

Wow, you look bloody fantasic! I think being pregnant suits you. Can I ask - what are you up to on the chair?

lovely words ana. i hope it all works well.

what everyone else has said...ditto

sweet idea to name your child after your friend.


You are so beautiful sweetheart.

I can't believe your are almost full term. Wow!

So much love,

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