ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

35 weeks (and all nude all week on anacam!)

all nude all week! to celebrate my last days of having this very pregnant body :)
i'm one week shy of 9 months pregnant now, the hot weather is upon me, and august 22nd will be anacam's 10th anniversary!
a decade! i'd do all nude all week in august, but since i will have given birth by then and i will need to recuperate and nest with my family, august will not be a good time. so i'm going to do it now :)
and what an unusual experience it will be to do it 9 months pregnant! a new twist!

and really , who knows, i could give birth anyday now (but i HOPE not to for at least 2 more weeks as i will not be officially full term until then). and i'm going to be giving birth LIVE on cam *fingers crossed* this is a very exciting time to join! it will be (i'm pretty sure) the internet's 1st ever live on cam home birth! a truly historical moment.

so come and celebrate these last few weeks of pregnancy with me at
relish in the female form at it's most fertile and luscious :)
a unique experience never (and really i mean never! ha :) to be repeated by me!

and i really am QUITE sure this will be the very very last all nude all week i will ever do as i really do not know how i will do one again with a child around. so this really is the last and most special one of all. a fitting tribute to anacam's decade long existence and dedication to bring you raw, true life and art.

you can sign up to here:
or sign up here for one nonrecurring month gift membership:
and watch (and see the archives every day) of the BIG cam with the fast my diary on how i am feeling about all of this, the beautiful and the painful.

the money i raise will go to pay for the steadily increasing medical costs of pregnancy and labour (midwife, blood tests, prenatal vitamins, birthing pool etc)!
so please , it's not only fun and educational, it's for a good cause! :)

all nude all week as you've never seen it before!

all nude all week starts TONIGHT!

woo hoo :)

in roundness,

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