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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk

working on a bedspread made from all handspun yarn
(a project i started eons ago and will probably finish eons from now)
the yarn shown is all made by pinkpeppercorns.com

and an antique pram my mom got me for $55!
it is made by motoride and i think it might be from the 30's?
it needs to be cleaned up.
I LOVE IT!!! :)

it also all folds up, totally works, and it swings, as well!

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awesome! and you're looking stunning by the way! :)

your mom made a great score!! the handspun yarn looks gorgeous

neato pram + everything else too!
is the material canvas or what?

it is canvas :)

i am thinking of painting psychedelic cream coloured elephants, or giraffes, or both that go all around it with fabric paint. or maybe just swirly designs. what do you think? :)

or...oooo bunnies or deer!

done in a sort of modern yet old fashioned mark ryden sort of style :)

mmm, bunnies and deer

Bunnies and deer, yes! The pram is beautiful. What a great find.

You could change it every month!


fabric paint is permanent, so not really!

well, that's cool. I am sure baby will dig looking at whatever you end up painting.

:) i could imagine that you would do wonderful things with it. from the pix, looks very rich now too. whatever you have energy for!

I would not paint the pram. I would want to keep it in it's original shape. It is so old and beautiful, why change it?

it is!
i am lucky my mom is such a great bargain hunter :)

Hee! I saw some cool ones like that hanging from the ceiling of an antique store/restaurant in Pittsburgh recently.

That is great that it folds up. Is it heavy?

yep, it's on the heavy side

yeah, it looks good and sturdy.

at least you have a great partner to help carry it... or carry you!


You look really pretty, Ana!
Your idea of drawing on the pram with fabric paint sounds cool!
I'm trying to figure out what to do with all the beautiful yarn I have from ElectricKat. It would be good to make something like a bedspread so that I could look at all the beautiful colours and textures all together.

that pram is AWESOME! heck.. the baby can nap in that puppy for a while swinging and all! 34 weeks.. wow.. getting really close.. i had my second at 35 weeks :) ... :)

i know! so close! aaaeeeii! :)

good luck girl.. all will be awesome!!!

That pram is beautiful, ana!

Also beautiful: you, knitting.

thank you :)

i'm not knitting , tho :) i'm crocheting.
i don't know how to knit.

I can't knit or crochet. Or tell the difference. :-)

But I can make a mean chili.

That pram is just amazing! Your mum must be a fantastic bargain hunter.

That pram is amazing, and I bet it becomes your own heirloom piece to pass on to your future generations. Yay!

i had never heard that word pram before? new to me! very cool...

my vote on painting is "swirly designs" as i prefer abstract! anything would be neato on that...

i send you love ana. i think of you daily.
(tomorrow is the seattle summer solstice parade i dance in! i gotta rest up for that) take it easy ana...must be interesting how the body changes during these 9 months.
peaCe, shannon

I concur on the awesomeness of said pram.

I also concur on the awesomeness of said you.

You look fabulous, hon. I'm very excited for all six of you in the voog household.

that pram is amazing!! god's blessings in your upcoming birth.

Gorgeous pram. I love antique prams. So pretty. And it swings! How cool?

You look great, I hope all goes well. Take it easy and enjoy this freedom and quiet that you have now. It will all be changing very soon!

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