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nightvision veins

check out my veins in nightvision from my cam!!
my body is making 50% more blood right now because of my pregnancy.
and you can really tell in these photos! aaiieee! i am transparent woman!
(and check out my HUGE belly and belly button sticking out!)

my belly button is really starting to stick out.
it feels weird!
and lili is kicking me like a boxer nonstop! my stomache does the wave.
i can make out her heel pushing me right above my belly button.
i push her heel and she moves it away and sometimes pushes back :)

i've been nesting more, crying more, hurting more, and baking banana bread.
my hips are starting to feel wobbly. it's hard to breathe and i want to eat all the time but not much will fit in me.
i've only gained 13 pounds but it feels like more since it's all in one place.

i feel like House. i need a cane.

reading bill nelson's new diary entry here:

his entries are always so chock full of goodness

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