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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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today is the 1st anniversary of M and i meeting for the 1st time :)
iconz by rouk
love of my life :)

little did i know that meeting would lead to where i am now, the happiest i have ever been in my life and our child in my belly :)

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many mystical jewish blessings from 1000 joyous dancing Lubavitcher rabbis on the creation of a new life. & you have my awe & congrats on all the love and lust that went into the creating... ;D

you & Matthew meeting up together was bashert= "meant to be". you're the ones for each other.

I am so very happy for you, M and the little one.

Hi there Ana, congrats on your 1 yr anniversary!!

I stumbled across your LJ randomnly (I'm so bored, I decided I would use that random LJ finder and this is where it led me to!) and I cant hekp but notice that you're pregnant too! you're 30 weeks along so you must be due in July/August or am I way off? I'm pregnant with my second child due in July, we only have 5 weeks left to go. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you are enjoying it :) It truly is such an amazing experience.

Anyways my name is Sarah, I'm 20 and engaged to my partner of 4 years. We have a daughter together named Emily, she is 17 months old. I would love to get to know you if you'll let me? I'm going to add you to my friends list and we can take it from there.

Good luck with your pregnancy and congrats again xo

Congratulations to both of you! I am happy for the love you have found in each other. Lili is a lucky little girl to be born to parents that deeply care aout each other.

congrads to you both...or all 3 of you actually!

great! (i hope you got that thing i mailed? in snail mail?)

Re: congrads to you both...or all 3 of you actually!

i did get it! thank you :))

how beautiful, to see such joy.


I presume you are not actually at home on the southeast coast of England?

If you click on "home at last : )" after Current Location, you get a Google map for Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29, UK. What's that all about?

Shine on, gentle souls.

(Now where did I hear something similar to that?)

I actually use that phrase a lot in my correspondence. Whenever there is someone I want to give well wishes to, whether I know them well or not, and I get the vibe that they are good people with good hearts, I always sign off by saying "shine on".

Thanks for that, because I certainly never would have thought to adopt it directly from John Lennon. (Don't know if you did or not.) I'd much rather think of it as strictly an "ana-ism".

Blessings to your beautiful family!

Om Namah Shivaya

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