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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk

today is my 1st mother's day :)
i know i am not supposed to officially celebrate it since the child is still inside me.
but *I* think it counts, so there :P

M bought me a pizza and i bought my mom a pizza :)

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So lovely! I think it counts, too.

I really love this peekture of you two ♥

You're a mom once you see those two lines on the test :^)

totally counts
happy 1st mother's day ana!

i love this photo! so beautiful!

Happy first mothers day!

In a way, this is the most important mother's day! You'll never have one like this again!

Happy Mother's Day darling Ana!

Happy First Mother's day :)

LOVE this shot :)
looks like fun too!

(Deleted comment)
it's loreal feria, not manic panic
the reddest one...i can't remember the name of the colour

"4. What do you and M like to do *besides* snuggle and be all smoochy and look all blissed out? Man, I sure am glad I'm not all mushy with some boy like that!"

that's all we do. we don't even eat or sleep.

"Man, I sure am glad I'm not all mushy with some boy like that!"


(Deleted comment)
happy belated mother's day!

i just wanted to jot you a quick note to let you know that i have added you. we were lj friends a while back when i was a different name {a different person?}. i've missed you & i come back to visit to see what a glowing mommy-to-be you are! congratulations!

i saw deeapk chopra live in person 2night!

hi ana, just wanted to share i heard deepak chopra speak 2night in seattle! so great...i wrote about in my journal...

peace and love to you and m and the dogs and lili! i love you all!
hugs, shannon

I saw this tonight and immediately thought of you!

(too bad it's crappy cafe press)

I have been very much out of the livejournal loop and had no idea! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! :)

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