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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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monkeys in a sling :)
iconz by rouk

1st pic is pooka and 2nd and 3rd pix are deiter :)
they loved it! especially pooka

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lovely pictures...very happy looking

awwww! By the way the red is looking good on you! I love it!

Aw, look at your cute mushies!! They are so adorable!

did you try sebastian? my guess would be that he wouldn't even get in :)

ya, sebastian is too hard to get in :)

awwww pooks looks very comfy =]
and may i say ana, that you are looking so radiant and beautiful!

That's not a sling, it's a Pooka Pod! He probably fell to earth in one of those things.

ha :) he probably did :)
he certainly was VERY comfortable in it

You look all beatific and momma-like in that last one.

ha ha, this made me laugh out loud.

you kick ass.

(good practice!)

omg. hahaha very cute, indeed!

Cute! You look great with red hair!

Holy shit, ana, you look fantastic!

I mean, you've always looked stunning, but I guess it's true what they say about how pregnancy affects a woman's energy and allure.

just a note, even with a dog, that pouch is WAY too big on you. What kind is it? You should check out babywearer

it's not for me, it's for M.

that makes a bit more sense, but he doesn't look too terribly large either ;)

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