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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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a happy spring with my passionate and tender lover, M :)
iconz by rouk

he makes me swoon and swoon :)
i am so in love :)

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Sebastian looks slightly annoyed ;)

extreme cuteness!
you have a beautiful belly :)

I'm wiping tears...what gorgeous photos, Ana!!!!!!!! If I still had a uterus it would have contracted in joy at seeing these. You are so very blessed, my dear...you and M both. It is so wonderful to see you [both] so in love. These intimate shots are a gift to everyone who reads your journal. Thank you for sharing! Cyber hugs!

You look beautiful pregnant... the photos are gorgeous because of the content, and the tenderness... very warm and loving...

I've had a belly all my life, but you people with "temporary" bellies get all the glory!! ;)

very wonderful! i wanna experience that one day! we all need love so much! i am so happy you guys found that 2gether. magical

lucky you are and sooooooo beautiful body you have)

BEE-utiful pics!
He's looking rather Johnny Depp in those pics! ;)

i am so happy that you have found such sweetness.

on a shallow note i love the new M glasses.

you look amazingly beautiful

I hope that today is no good at all compared to how tomorrow is. And that that day absolutely stinks compared to the day after. And so on and so forth until happily ever after.

you two are so very sweet together, i'm jealous! m is quite sexy, you're both very lucky =]

oh wow, it's been forever since i've read your journal... and i have to say you're even more beautiful now that you have life inside of you. congrats hun i'm very happy for you. how many months are you and boy or girl?

you 3 were meant for each other. wait, no, i meant 4! including the dog! :)

<3 as it should be!!! 8>

Jai Ma!

Could you please add me as a Friend? I would like to read about what you are learning, along the way.


Absolutely georgeous!!! You are so lucky!

makes you feel really alive, it shows in your face!

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