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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk

i made a blog for my unborn child :)
we think her name is lili zuzu
it will contain little messages for her and about her
and someday if she wants to, she can write in it, too :)

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(Deleted comment)
lili zuzu is beautiful!

(we almost went with the name Lilly over here but changed our mind)

Zuzu is one of my favorite names - It's A Wonderful Life


this is so sweet. I added lilizuzu as a friend; I hope that is OK. I am so enjoying your updates about lili zuzu.

What an AWESOME Mommy you are Ana!

it's the most perfect name!! beautiful!!

that name is beautiful and i am very excited to see the updates :)

I just watched your new userpic for like, ten minutes straight.

ya, i love it!
i nabbed it from a person who made a post in the pregnant lj community...and when i went back to see the username so i could ask that person where they got it, they had deleted their post..so i have no idea the story behind it. maybe it was bad to nab it but i just HAD to!

that is such a great idea :D

i find it an interesting coincidence that your post was right above this film stills community on my friends page.


how cool is that?

i'll take that as a good omen! :)

I am reading all these wonderful things you are doing for her to know more about her world and I am in awe. I think its wonderful, the video of you pregnant and talking to her, the journal...all wonderful things she will have for the rest of her life.
I think that those of us who don't have the "I have to have a child!" mentality actually will/would be better parents.
She is going to be one cool kid!

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