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an article from jornal do brasil about my cam

Há 10 anos no ar, AnaCamainda atrai os internautas

Há 10 anos, Ana Clara Voog começou a transmitir sua vida pe-la internet. Webcams e fios quedificultam a tarefa de limpeza e di-vertem os cães Pooka e Stockymantêm online 24 horas o site AnaCam – a mais antiga iniciativado gênero ainda em operação. A estréia aconteceu um ano de-pois de JenniCam – o primeiro sitede transmissão ao vivo do cotidiano, interrompido em 2003. Ana argumenta que sua câmeraé “muito diferente” do Justin.TV. – AnaCam é um projeto de arte frisa. – Também sou muito maispessoal e emotiva que o Justin.TV. Conhecemos a rotina de Justin, maspouco sobre quem é.A americana de 41 anos criticaa pretensão de Justin em criar um“show”. Conta que “embora emalguns momentos existam showsna AnaCam, isso é apenas partedo projeto”. – Darei à luz o meu filho em ju-lho, em casa. AnaCam é sobre aminha vida – emociona-se.Ana começou a se transmitirpor diversão e acabou descobrindo “mais sobre a psiquê humana”. – As pessoas vêem a si mes-mas na minha câmera. Percebi is-so pelo feedback recebido ao lon-go da última década – conta. Para Ana, o segredo para semanter tanto tempo no ar e des-pertar o interesse dos internau-tas é simples.– Cada vida é diferente. As pes-soas acompanham um projeto comoo meu porque a vida real não tem ro-teiro ou elenco, como uma novela. Ésempre surpreendente – filosofa. Adriana Amaral, doutora em co-municação pela PUC-RS, completaque “filmar a própria vida o tempotodo e colocá-la na Rede virou umelemento do imaginário da tecnolo-gia e parte da cultura pop”.

basic translation (it's KIND of similiar to the interview i gave her but really hacked up):

"It has been on the air for 10 years, and AnaCam still attracts web-surfers

It's been 10 years since Ana Clara Voog started to transmit her life on the internet. Webcams and wires make tasks like cleaning and amusing the pooka dogs difficult while still maintaining the 24 hour site AnaCam- the oldest still active site in operation. The first night happened one year after JenniCam- the first site for live broadcast of daily life, which ended in 2003. Ana argues that she's "very different" than Justin TV. Anacam is an art project. I'm also a lot more personal and emotional than Justin TV. We know Justin's routine, but not who he is, the 41 year old American critiques of Justin's attempts to create "a show." She says that "at times, there
may be shows on AnaCam, it's only a part of the project." I will give birth to my child in July, at home. AnaCam is my life, it gets emotional. Ana started transmitting for fun, but ended up discovering 'more about the human psyche. People see themselves in my cameras. I realized that from the feedback I've received over the last decade- she says. For Ana, the secret to staying on air for so long, and keeping the interest of the websurfers is simple- everyone's different. People follow a project like mine because real life does not have a script or a cast, like a novel. It's always surprising- she philosphizes.
Adriana Amaral, doctor in communication for the PUC-RS adds "to record your own life full-time and put it on the the web became an element of technology's mythology, and part of pop culture".'

jpeg of pdf file:


here is what i actually was asked and what i wrote back:

1) How do you evaluate JustinTV? Is that project viable only in a web 2.0 context?

i hadn't heard of justinTV until you told me about it via this interview. but then i see he was only doing it for 8 days so far, and that is probably why :)
i went there and watched it on and off the last few days and i am happy to see the technology is still there to do things like that. webcam technology is dwindling all the time and being replaced by things like youtube and such. not many people broadcast a live webcam image anymore. either it is all about placing streaming video which is not live on a page, or else it is just about videoconferencing within a small and exclusive bunch of people/friends/family. i remember that a man did exactly as justin is doing now way back in the early 90's, but the technology was not really there yet for everyone to be able to view it. it's nice to see someone doing it again.
i'm not really sure what you mean by web 2.0, tho, i'm not ever up on the latest web lingo. do the "experts" agree we are now at a web 3.0 context? hehe :) what was web 1.0? and what is the timeline for this sort of thing to occur?

2) Compared to your experience, what are the differences between JustinTV and AnaCam?

there are huge differences. one is i have been doing it for 10 years and he has been doing it for 10 days :)
my cam is pointed at me (my face, my body, etc) and my life, whereas his camera is stuck on his head and always pointed at everyone else around him but never him.
also mine is an ongoing art project (my cam has even been in the MoMA in NYC) and he appears to want to represent himself as a tv "show". also he wants to please his audience and he asks them what do you like or not like about the "show"? my cam is not a show, although there are small shows sometimes WITHIN it, the entire piece is not a show and it's not ever about what "the audience" wants nor do i care to even ask them. it's purely done organically and it unfolds as it will, just as life is. because it is life. there is no line between art and life, for me. it is all one and not a show. for instance, in july, i am expecting to have a child, i am 5 months pregnant right now and i am going to deliver my child at home, on my cam, and this will not be a "show" this will be my life, and about another life entering this earth :)
also, so far, his cam is not very personable. maybe this will change later as it evolves. i cannot seem to garner any information on who justin is, as a person. all he says about himself, via his space is that he is a cancer sun sign, he doesn't want children, and he graduated from yale. when i listen to him speak on his site, so far all i have heard him talk about is the business of his cam. i can't seem to get any idea on who he is besides that. and i never see his face. his blog entries are what he is doing that day but never about who he is and what he is feeling. my cam is more emotional than that. also, although i have dabbled in streaming video and sound, that is not my main medium i choose to express myself in. i find that a single still photo, uploaded every 30 seconds is the best way for me to get across things how i wish.
i see myself as more of a live photographer than a videographer. i like how a still photo that changes slows a person down from the freneticness of the internet where bigger, better, faster and novelty are usually what people gravitate towards. i like to take a more zen-like approach and let people ponder a more stillness. and i also think that the "spaces" inbetween the cam photos, the 30 seconds in which you wait for the next image, are giving a person a time to reflect and slow the mind down and concentrate more on how the light is hitting the wall, and the silence allows a person to interject their own personal life story into the photo. so the photo, in the end, really has nothing to do with me but everything to do with the viewer. as i like to say over and over throughout the years, anacam is a giant inkblot projecting back to the viewer their own psyche. what you see in my cam is yourself. how you see it is how you view yourself, ultimately. i have learned this throughout the past decade from all the various feedback i have received about my cam. in the end, i have become the one who is viewing you and not the other way around. it is very interesting and a twist i could have never foreseen when i started the project back in 1997.
it will be interesting to see how justinTV evolves and for how long he can keep it up.
i will keep tuning in from time to time to check up :)

3) Why do you believe internet users are so seduted by "broadcast yourself" and webcam sites?

because people love themselves!

4) In your opinion, what does make a ordinary life interested to be watched as a soap opera?

every life is different. and people are going to be interested in some and uninterested in others, for the same reasons some people you are friends with and others you are not.
so the reasons behind people's interests are as varied as people themselves. you cannot really summarize it. but if i had a gun to my head and had to, i would say because real life has no plot and no one ever knows what will happen next.

5) Why did you start AnaCam? How did you start the project?

i started anacam in 1997 as an experiment in many things, art/life/emotions/psychology/sociology. it was and still is fun to do and i, myself, am ever curious as to how things will unfold and what will happen next :)
so basically, i started it out of sheer curiousity and fun!
i wanted to see what would happen if i did that. i wanted to push the boundaries of everything and see what i could do with it all. it's been an utterly fascinating trip!

6) What were the major issues you had to take care of after AnaCam was launched?

basically, just keeping the cams up and running. it's a lot more difficult than people realize. things were not designed to be on 24/7. things break, burn out, fall down, blow up. cleaning the floor with so many cords criss crossing all over is a pain in the butt, to be sure :) i have to keep a constant eye on things to make sure things are working. computers need rebooting, software freezes up, dogs chew on cords, things overheat and shut off. also it's not been the greatest to sleep with the sound of computers constantly humming, but i've dealt with it. now the major issues are still those things, but also webcam software (the kind i need and like) is slowly going away and not being updated anymore. webcam32 has just gone defunct, the creator of koolkam does not update his site anymore, nor does the creator of chillcam, although you can still download it off the site (thank goodness!). the old way of the webcam is just dying off, but i'm quite tenacious, i'll be the polaroid of the internet :) they can keep slowly discontinuing polaroid products, but there will always be those who will still love that medium and drive to keep it alive :) i know if i keep hanging in there eventually people will see that my way of webcamming is not a "web 1.0" way of doing things but it's own viable artistic medium in and of itself. just as oil painting did not disappear when the camera was invented. it was never disposable nor novelty for me.
i am glad the novelty has worn off now so that people can see it in a deeper way.

7) Did anything in your daily routine changed during AnaCam experience?

the only thing that changed was that i now had a lot of computers and cameras to upkeep. cleaning was more difficult. sleep was more interrupted by the sound of the machines. i had to worry not to trip on cords. and i was able to work from home and do what i wanted, finally :)

8) Jennifer Rigley, other webcam girl, shut her site down. What does motivate you to keep running yours?

the thing that motivates me most is just sheer curiousity :)
also i like absurdity :) i like to see how long something can go on just for the sake of it :)

9) What are the problems - and the good points - you see when it comes to "broadcast yourself"?

the problems are listed above, the technological problems.
then there are a lot of emotional things to deal with. really nasty people writing really nasty emails to you. or posting really ridiculous things about you about the internet. that part about it has not been wonderful. some people like to view me as more of an internet game than actual human being who feels and breathes. the fun part is that i get to play/work at home and communicate with a worldwide audience every day :) i have learned a lot about the world and people watching their reactions to me. it's been very informative. also i have met my current boyfriend/future husband/"love of my life" from it all and now we are having a child :) i'd say that is a huge bonus! :)

10) Compared to other forms of online communications, like Orkut ( and Twitter (, that also allows the publicity of daily agenda and personal details, what are the exclusive elements that internet podcast bring?

i am not familiar with orkut or twitter. i haven't kept up on all those kind of sites.
they all come and go so quickly that it's difficult to keep track of them all!
i have kept an online journal since the beginning of my cam, and i find that is all i need in order to let anyone who wants to know anything i choose to communicate about.
i just write it all in there. having to keep track of all of these sites on top of everything else i have to keep track of just gets overbearing for me. it's just too much to maintain and bookmark and keep up to date. i like to keep everything in one place as much as possible. this way, also, i have control over all my content because if any of these sites decide to change or go away, i am not dependent upon them and all my information is still with me, on my site. and since i am not going away (at least i think not! *crosses fingers*) people always know where to find me. they don't have to check up on 5 different other sites to see what i am up to, it's just all on

although i do have a few other things here and there, such as my yahoo mailing list (, and i have some art up on deviantart ( and also i post on livejournal ( all of these things are all backed up and archived on my site, as well. i like to keep things simple because life is complicated enough as it is :)

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  • Working on new stuff. Crypto, OF, hypnosis

    Omg how cool I was able to switch to the old version of lj and I have my old interface back. This is amazing!

  • Trying out the lj app

    Every post I make says 18+ Super annoying. But trying this app out even tho it has terrible reviews. I remember this app having way more cool…

  • Beep beep

    I’m just seeing if this thing still works.