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colostrum for easter!
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holy shiiiiiiiiiit!
colostrum just came out of my nipples!!!!!!!
i am a MAMMAL!!!!!!!!!


it is completely clear...looks, feels and tastes almost exactly like pre-cum

i don't know why this is freaking me out so much but it IS!

i'm making FOOD!

wow, look, this is all the food a baby's stomache can hold in the 1st few days!

that's all i need to make at first?

should i sell my colostrum to bodybuilders?

ha :)

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well, it's only a drop at time here..not like a bunch. when did she notice her breasts made any?
it's weird to see this 4 months early?

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it is very exciting! you might be able to even get "jets" before the baby is born (certainly after), that is quite a sight to behold

Go you! I had hardly any during pregnancy. It was a bit of a struggle to get it out after Dali was born and we were still learning how to latch on properly - expressing into an eyedropper is no. fun. at. all. But it makes baby smell like honey :)

Eeee, food! That rocks!! Thank you for sharing :)

weird!! you'll have to let us all know how breast milk tastes. i'm curious but unless it's mine, i'm not tasting it! lol

hmmm. i was on a psych med once that caused me to lactate, so i suppose i join the ranks of the few women who have lactated without ever being pregnant :P

it's amazing how fast the baby's stomach expands!

that happened to me too and probably still does! the body is a fascinating thing

i love how proudly you've declared you are a mammal!
*hugs* on the whole oncoming baby stuff

oh, love. i feel so excited for you!


wow already!? that's so .. amazing!! =]

the "moo" part made me laugh.

I think "Colostrum for Easter" would make a totally brilliant album title. Likewise, Colostrum by itself would just make a great band name. I mean, not the substance itself, but the name. "COLOSTRUM AT THE COLISEUM!"

OK, yes, I am crazy. but all in all the colostrum is cool.

How cool. Your comments make me laugh but it's great to see you so wide eyed about your pregnancy and I can't wait to share in the experience. Thank you once again for sharing what most people won't. You are an amazing human (and mammal too!).

wow! I hadn't even stopped to consider the colostrum-making part... for me, I kind of expected that around birth-time. so it can come sooner?! I am glad you are having fun with it! taste, smell, touch. explore.

that's how much the stomach can hold, but remember, the food goes on through and out the other end a couple times a day :)


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