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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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hear matoog's heartbeat!
iconz by rouk


i recorded my baby's heartbeat at 17 weeks (we call it matoog) with my fostex 4 track (really old, records on cassette, and bought around 1982...what i've recorded all my demos on thus far), and then to get to a .wav file i had to put up to the headphones my toy aiptek camcorder that also records really crappy sound..and voila! i have now a very primitive recording of the heartbeat to show you :) yay!

there is some noise at the beginning and at the end as i fumble to turn the device on and off. i'll try to edit that stuff out later with something.

but for now, here it is :)
and here's my little belly (not much of one yet):

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amazing to hear that ana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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