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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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hear matoog's heartbeat!
iconz by rouk


i recorded my baby's heartbeat at 17 weeks (we call it matoog) with my fostex 4 track (really old, records on cassette, and bought around 1982...what i've recorded all my demos on thus far), and then to get to a .wav file i had to put up to the headphones my toy aiptek camcorder that also records really crappy sound..and voila! i have now a very primitive recording of the heartbeat to show you :) yay!

there is some noise at the beginning and at the end as i fumble to turn the device on and off. i'll try to edit that stuff out later with something.

but for now, here it is :)
and here's my little belly (not much of one yet):

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thank uuuu :)

hey have you ever played around with this?

I have been using it for years, love it. Excellent program.

if i use it with a camcorder is this the only version i can use?


also can you email me again

i gotta back you an ana2 pass!
sorry i have been so slow!

also been trying really hard to upload that video to blip.tv but it keeps timing out on me!

Yes, you'll need some kind of program to go from camcorder -> cam input, unless you're using a capture card. You can use webcamdv with it, but I actually use TrackerCam's DVDriver... but I'd suggest getting webcamdv, as DVDriver's controls aren't yet integrated with webcamxp. I'm talking to him about doing that though.

webcamxp isn't perfect, but it's the best program I've used for handling multiple types of cams and update methods. It's what's running both the FTPing and streams at stephthegeek.tv right now.

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