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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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hear matoog's heartbeat!
iconz by rouk


i recorded my baby's heartbeat at 17 weeks (we call it matoog) with my fostex 4 track (really old, records on cassette, and bought around 1982...what i've recorded all my demos on thus far), and then to get to a .wav file i had to put up to the headphones my toy aiptek camcorder that also records really crappy sound..and voila! i have now a very primitive recording of the heartbeat to show you :) yay!

there is some noise at the beginning and at the end as i fumble to turn the device on and off. i'll try to edit that stuff out later with something.

but for now, here it is :)
and here's my little belly (not much of one yet):

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sounds like a strong healty beat. :).

Very nice thank you for sharing.

thats beautiful! that's really awesome that you recorded that.
you made my day.

(Deleted comment)
that's how i feel when i hear it :)
especially the first time!
i just was astounded!
it took me the whole day to calm down!

It's nice to see it utilized; such a good use of ancient technology!
Good luck on your belly.


and thank you for being the best ever co-mod of contest! you are really helping me a LOT and you are rocking it!

are you back from japan?

good to hear :)

yup, I'm back... sort of a strange trip, but glad for the experience

I'll go again sometime

Oh so wonderful! Thank you for sharing. And your teensy belly too :D

thank uuuu :)

hey have you ever played around with this?

I have been using it for years, love it. Excellent program.

if i use it with a camcorder is this the only version i can use?


also can you email me again

i gotta back you an ana2 pass!
sorry i have been so slow!

also been trying really hard to upload that video to blip.tv but it keeps timing out on me!

that's amazing. I'm glad you're going through with it.

(Deleted comment)
my midwife has a fetal doppler stethascope.
i'm not sure how it works but it comes with a mini amplifier and so i put a microphone up to the tiny speaker and recored it like that :)

my stomache looks like that pretty much in normal life, too. once in a while it would go flatter, but now it does not. and that is as flat as my stomache gets now. it can puff out way more depending on what i ate that day, etc.

the little heart is jus beating away

you are something
special, Ana

Maybe you could write a song in that tempo and use your baby's heartbeat in the intro.

yes, i'm going to do sonmething like that.

sometimes I forget how jaw dropping your body is... You really are gorgeous

That is just amazing! Thank you for sharing that. :) And your belly is cute.

Very cool. A heartbeat in the ocean. I hope you are taking a picture of yourself in profile each day in the same place. Then you can put them together into a little movie showing your belly growing.

ya, i should do that...but i just don't feel up to doing it...can't realy say why.
too many other things to do , i guess!

amazing to hear that ana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is your first yes? i just had my first a month ago. the funny thing is after you have him or her you will forget how it feels to be pregnant. like amnesia.

oh, a baby! that's fabulous. it's def something you need to experience. i'm very very happy for you! :) and you look lovely, as usual.

It will be so aewsome to see everything progress.

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