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hear matoog's heartbeat!
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i recorded my baby's heartbeat at 17 weeks (we call it matoog) with my fostex 4 track (really old, records on cassette, and bought around 1982...what i've recorded all my demos on thus far), and then to get to a .wav file i had to put up to the headphones my toy aiptek camcorder that also records really crappy sound..and voila! i have now a very primitive recording of the heartbeat to show you :) yay!

there is some noise at the beginning and at the end as i fumble to turn the device on and off. i'll try to edit that stuff out later with something.

but for now, here it is :)
and here's my little belly (not much of one yet):

sounds like a strong healty beat. :).

Very nice thank you for sharing.

thats beautiful! that's really awesome that you recorded that.
you made my day.

(Deleted comment)
that's how i feel when i hear it :)
especially the first time!
i just was astounded!
it took me the whole day to calm down!

(Deleted comment)
It's nice to see it utilized; such a good use of ancient technology!
Good luck on your belly.


and thank you for being the best ever co-mod of contest! you are really helping me a LOT and you are rocking it!

are you back from japan?

Oh so wonderful! Thank you for sharing. And your teensy belly too :D

thank uuuu :)

hey have you ever played around with this?

that's amazing. I'm glad you're going through with it.

(Deleted comment)
my midwife has a fetal doppler stethascope.
i'm not sure how it works but it comes with a mini amplifier and so i put a microphone up to the tiny speaker and recored it like that :)

my stomache looks like that pretty much in normal life, too. once in a while it would go flatter, but now it does not. and that is as flat as my stomache gets now. it can puff out way more depending on what i ate that day, etc.

the little heart is jus beating away

you are something
special, Ana

Maybe you could write a song in that tempo and use your baby's heartbeat in the intro.

yes, i'm going to do sonmething like that.

sometimes I forget how jaw dropping your body is... You really are gorgeous

That is just amazing! Thank you for sharing that. :) And your belly is cute.


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