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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk
well, here is the unfinalized compressed version.
i think it's about 38MB
i'm downloading the finalized version that is not as compressed and is 100MB right now.

right click and "save as".

edited excerpts by grass from the documentary "webcam girls" by aerlynn weissman

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well done... love your big ass brain ana.

Thanks for posting this.
I love you.

This is so wonderful! You are so amazing and such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you so much for making this available to see! I was brought so instantly back to the first time I saw your cam, how you shaved your head when I had a shaved head, and how that made me feel so less alone in the world. I have been watching your cam and watching you grow as a fellow artist for quite some time. You are very creative, wonderful, and brilliant. I am so glad that your energy goes out into the world. I love you, Ana! I sometimes wish we could meet in real life and I could give you big hug and have you show me all your neat stuff. I think we would be great friends and have FUN! :)

That was assum. Thanks for sharing this.

Funny, funny times... the beginning of the webcam days. I used to be a part of it too, but being a guy there was no interest whatsoever in my life. People only seemed interested in girls.

...funny how true that statement is on many levels...

I used to watch your cam quite a bit back in those days. B/W connectix quick cam days. CUSeeMe days. I think I stopped watching once you started charging. The same with Stephanie at STVlive whom I met on CUSeeMe way back when. And Meredith Doskein at the presently defunkt camgirl.com. And back in those days, like I said, I also had a couple of 24/7 cams trasnmitting my boring life. But nobody watched.

Butanyway...... again, thanks for posting this online. It suxxors that the nipple police at YouTube got on you so fast. Perhaps you used some keywords that caught their attention. It's difficult to say for sure.

great interview ana. you and ducky both did great interesting interviews. nicely edited movie!

Wish I could watch it. Fucking dial up.

I want to be part of the nipple police!! Sounds like a cool job with some good "hands on" experience.

Maybe I'm confusing that with "nipple inspector", I dunno.

that was awesome! i remember you posted a dr. ducky segment awhile ago and i meant to ask then-- is this a DVD one could purchase (or, this is day and age, download, perhaps?)

you rock! :b:

Absolutely fascinating.

Have I told you lately that I'm so glad that I know you?

You teach me so much.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you indeed for sharing that with us... Really great view.

thank you!!!!!!!

well done!

wow that must have been a lot of comments to trudge through!
hmmm... yeah, so we are definitely one consciousness... speaking to itself...

love and respect

I was commenting on the recent deletion of one of your posts... quite understandable.

but we are one
and we care


WEBCAM GIRLS in SAN FRANCISCO - Thursday, January 18

Sweet Ana,

Here is the info on a screening at a super cool place this week!

Webcam Girls
showing at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission St @ 3rd San Francisco, CA 94103-3138
415.978.ARTS (2787)

Thursday, January 18, 9:00pm


Perhaps it is playing in other locations soon?

love and respect to all!

Re: WEBCAM GIRLS in SAN FRANCISCO - Thursday, January 18

thanks for letting me know!

Re: WEBCAM GIRLS in SAN FRANCISCO - Thursday, January 18

thank YOU!

actually, I emailed you last week but you must get exactly approximately 8 billion emails a day.


How about LiveVideo?

Lots of wonderful moments in this! So it was on youtube for a short time? I'd be happy to put it up on livevideo.com. They have an 18+ rating system so nipples shouldn't be a problem! By the way, I'm the person who put your audio/house of usher video on youtube a few months back. Best wishes...:)

Re: How about LiveVideo?

go for it :)

why did you take the usher one down?

Re: How about LiveVideo?

Wow! Quick response! Thanks...

Firstly, youtube nuked my account a short time ago, so I've set up a new
account and am slowly putting stuff back up there including usher (just did


I also opened a livevideo.com account as it is growing in popularity -
stereo sound, no time limits, instant commenting etc. so I'm putting stuff
up there too.

Remember you went to visit lisa in Oberlin (Here and Now)? Well she allowed
me to put up a 'bathtub poetry' video I made - so you may find that


Thanks for permission to put up the webcamgirlz video. I love it! It's a
piece of art in itself dont' you think, the way it is shot and edited and
your 'story' comes across very well.

Shall be in touch with links in due course

love and peace


Re: How about LiveVideo?

Hi again - ok you can find your videos at http://www.livevideo.com/vega32 switch off 'family filter' - regards

Re: How about LiveVideo?

Sorry - am experiencing some glitches with webcam girls video - will confirm when it's up - cheerio :)

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