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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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random thoughts for no reason
iconz by rouk
i want a gold tooth like a pirate.

i think people with gaps between their 2 front teeth are sexy, like david letterman and sandra bernhard.

i have a thing about teeth. it's the 3rd thing i check on a person, 1st being the eyes, the 2nd being the shoes, 3rd is teeth, 4th is fingernails and hands.
you can know a lot about a person by observing these 4 things.

when i come my orgasms are white
sometimes orange

my favourite flower are white peonies

i prefer roses to be yellow

lilacs make me sad but i adore them to pieces

i mark my life points by when i see the 1st dandelion, when i see the 1st robin, when i see the 1st monarch butterfly,
and when the smell of fall comes and the then the snow squeaks, although tho snow doesn't squeak much anymore

i find the sound of bowed cymbals to be the most unbearable noise in the entire universe, second only to leaf blowers and lawn mowers.

i don't find children singing to be particularily charming

i can't stand for anyone to watch me brush my teeth.

i hate when people "fake" being "into" a song by nodding their heads, whistling nervously to it, or drumming on things all of out of time with the song.

i hate saliva.

i love to burp but have never made an effort to burp on purpose.

i love pigeons and squirrels and i can't understand why some people don't

i run on solar power

i don't think i could eat a brain taco, but i might try.

i love black licorice altoids but cannot find them anymore.

i cannot stay in a place with bad lighting for a long period of time.

some rocks are friendlier than others

i broke a bone once

i like rust

i'm addicted to lip balm

i am a compulsive nose powderer

i can smell when people are depressed or angry or uptight.

i dislike wearing mascara

i would eat sushi every day if i could

there nothing finer than a nice pen except a good fried egg sandwhich

the beach boys are overrated

i don't get off on poetry much, but if i like it i really like it.

pumpkins are comforting

i love the smell of old houses

whenever i watch jesus christ superstar it makes me cry

i don't watch it often

i support the NRA

i only like telephones with rotary dials

i make the soup and the string

scissors are my friend

i love the pooka dog

if you try to tickle me i will punch you with all my might.
it's my natural reflex to do so.

if you continue to tickle me anyway, you will be on my bad side

i love the smell of limestone

i rarely ever do anything to intentionally piss anyone off

i have an eagle feather

i keep it with my pens

i'm picky about shades of blue and green.

i don't like it when other people touch my guitars

to be bored is the worst torture in the world

bubbles are usually always a good thing

i can't tell the difference between a "good" wine and a "bad" wine

i always squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom

i've never used a coupon

i like the flavour "blue"

marbles in sunlight is my 1st memory

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More people should post random tidbits about themselves like this.
My friend Deryck was looking for a way to put a rotary dial on his cell phone.
He's silly.

Interesting. In the Middle Ages, gap-toothed women were considered especially amorous, and it was a symbol for sexuality.

i did not know that.
i wonder why it was considered amourous?

I don't know, but it's a prominent character description for the Wife of Bath in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

yoruba in nigeria also consider very attractive. there's even a special word for it (i foget what, tho...)

I *might* still have an 'altoids connection'. I too love the black licorice ones. I'll check tomorrow to see if I can get my hands on some.

the first major impression that stuck with me from The Canterbury Tales, was the gap :)

my first memory is of a basset hound, there are very few people who get to touch my guitars, I agree that boredom is Hell itself, no coupons for me, the beach boys are indeed rather overrated and pens? don't get me started.

We don't have squirrels here, but I feel the same way about pigeons. I can't understand why people are repulsed by them.

it could be because they're filthy, stupid, disease-riddled things that shit on everything!

And there are definitely quirrels in sunny Melbourne. There are even plenty in Perth.

the same could be said about human beings

absolutely. Especially in this town.

I've never seen a squirrel in Melbourne. I don't think the possums would let them live.

As for so-called pest animals, the diseases they carry don't represent much of a threat in clean environments. The problems related to those animals primarily occur when population booms are supported by improper waste management by humans. You reap what you sew.

especially if you work part-time as both Death and a tailor.

i totally agree! sexy teeth gaps yes!

i hate when people "fake" being "into" a song by nodding their heads, whistling nervously to it, or drumming on things all of out of time with the song.
my husband does this because he truly can not hear the beat. but he is actally into the song!

in the cat adoption center at petsmart, the empty cages fill my heart with joy, and the cages with not-yet-adopted cats in them make me cry.

i can't stand for anyone to watch me brush my teeth either. this is a good post...

i have a can of licorice altoids on my desk :)

Wooddale Lutheran (in St. Louis Park) does an excellent production of JCS every year.

"i love to burp but have never made an effort to burp on purpose."

Contary to what my icon would have you believe, that's how I feel about farting.

And much to my wine-snot father's shame, I can't tell the difference between wines either.

Speaking of poetry....

Download Ani DiFranco's "My IQ'..if you don't already know it. I have always, always always wanted to hear your opinion on this spoken word piece. It is one of my favorite things in the whole world, so will you please do this for me and let me know what you think? xoxo

Sorry I've not commented here in awhile. Just crazy busy.

(Deleted comment)
ya i was thinking white gold maybe :)
someday when i can afford it!

you lucky dog , you :)

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