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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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the long and arduous journey
iconz by rouk

sonia5's scissors
given to me by jervais
after i had completed learning sonia's craft from her.
those scissors have been around the world.
something i treasure :)
i took these photos sitting on gospel rock, where the elves dwell.

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ya, it is beautiful. garnets, given to me by a friend who will no longer speak to me for unknown reasons. hurts.
so i traded that ring at the folk festival in vancouver for some yummy amber.

i got rid of all my rings at that festival, trading them into for new things because they all had sad stories associated with them.

it was a time of letting go and renewal.

gotta get me some new rings!

we wait
in this silly isolation
to cut the sky from the water
and the fire from the earth

for your shadow to pass
for the green flash of insight
that will make your leaving make sense

this silly isolation
so long abandoned
so long forgotten

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