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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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(no subject)
iconz by rouk

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That is an AMAZING picture of you!

period gone awry? Rape?! or could it be...>BUM< >BUM< >BUM!< Murder...

Tune in Next Week.

Awesome head shot.
Looking great as ever.

bummer :(
something must be down on the internet

you remind me of a killer barbie. 0_o

(Deleted comment)
got to get out there
i mean, after all that chatter in midnight emails to everyone
i damn well better go out there

to super-america
thru excelsior boulevard
onto bike-o trails
to downtown-y-ness
to metrodome
females of every flavor walking into the metrodome
there must be a freaking twins game
to Mason's
nobody home
a half-assed attempt to go to West St. Paul
After trying to cross I-94 a few times, give up
to Elliot House
to Franklin
up Chicago
to ANA's house

I open the door and put my bike on the porch,
at the same time a roommate is coming into the house.
"OK, so you must live here. Could you find out if ANA
is here? She has a bad knee."

Indeed she is. Painting almost color-by-numbers style,
a line drawing with great "caricature" essense or likeness of her mom,



she eats an apple

she hides her vibrator

her stomach hurts

"In 1994, which was a very long time ago, I tried Zoloft. Did not like the sexual side effects."

Purple walls!

I get nervous and feel urge to flee.

She shows me her lamp! her lights!! her closet!

we go out to buy cigarettes (and a blue lighter)
I get so nervous
"my first crime".

but it's not really a crime, she had just lost her I.D.
when her purse was stolen

on the way back from cigarettes, we see Lauren

Then Tom calls on the phone, they're about to go see a movie.

We blatantly crash the movie. Let's go see a movie!


Otha is there, yay!

Lauren has fantastic big jugs, I mean it. Wow.

There's a heartless and almost unpredictable twist in 1408 in which John "Has he put on a lot of weight?" Cusack is reunited with the ghost of his dead daughter, he hugs her and tells her he loves her and just then SHE DIES, AGAIN, DEAD IN HIS ARMS. How cruel!

i don't think i've ever seen spellbound.
don't think i'd paint my walls purple either :)
nor live on chicago :)

a strange parallel life perhaps
sounds awful

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